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    Our Favorite American-Made Safe Manufacturers

    Safe and Vault Store stocks top-shelf American-Made gun safes, from gun safe manufacturers including American Security, Fort Knox, and Browning. All three of these exceptional brands made the Best Gun Safe Reviews listing on The Handgun Podcast. These brands are some of our most-requested holiday gifts; their durability makes them a long-lasting addition to any household. Buying a gun safe is an investment and not something we do every year, so the conceptual design and construction quality are of paramount importance to purchasers. Let’s look individually at the three gun safe manufacturers we believe are our best picks for the 2016 holiday season – and beyond.


    Top-Rated Gun Safe Manufacturers in the USA

    AMSEC American Security

    What makes for a reliable safe? In the case ofAmerican Security Safes the longevity of the brand has hinged upon building some of the toughest vaults in the business. One of the leading gun safe manufacturers in the U.S., American Security Safes (AMSEC) makes a wide variety of safes, from burglar & fire safes to vault doors to gun safes and cabinets. You’ll find these safes in banks, restaurants, supermarkets, and many other industries.AMSEC applied that same craftsmanship to an excellent line of residential safes perfect for storing guns and valuables. Whether you’re choosing a fireproof safe, wall safe, or tall vault, Safe & Vault Store has it in stock. AMSEC has an unparalleled selection of more than 200 products in many different categories.  Their gun safes feature a lifetime warranty against theft and fire and are rated with a high-security burglary classification.

    Fort Knox Vault

    Just the nameFort Knoximplies quality and security. For more than 30 years, this company has been synonymous with the best in the USA-made gun safes and vault doors. TheFort Knox line uses some of the thickest steel in the industry. They also place a great emphasis on fire resistance.Some of their gun safes are made to withstand temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes with the ability to upgrade the fire rating to 2 hours. Each of Fort Knox's gun safes is designed for superior burglar protection to surpass the standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratories. Fort Knox offers a wide selection of gun safes including walk-in gun vaults that can store 100 long rifles or small pistol safes that can fit a handgun or a few valuables. No matter what you choose, these safes are a solid investment that will last a lifetime. They also feature a lifetime warranty against both theft and fire.


    Browning Safeshave dominated the sporting goods and firearm industry for more than 130 years. When it comes to gun safe manufacturers,Browning is top of the line. They have a full assortment of weapons and ammo, clothing and outdoor gear and beautiful gun safes. The Browning gun safes carry a five-year warranty against materials and workmanship and a lifetime warranty against damage from a break-in attempt or fire. Consumer Files review of the best American-Made gun safes included praise for Browning, “Using the latest technology,

    Browning Gun Safes are designed to provide secure storage with fire protection and attack-resistant features being standard. Browning also gives back a portion of profits to help sustain wildlife to preserve our country's hunting heritage." Here at The Safe & Vault Store, we understand how important security is when it comes to protecting your firearms and valuables. That’s why we’re excited to provide some of the best American-made gun safes on the market with a price match guarantee to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. You can shop by brands online or call us at 800-207-2259 to discuss the perfect gun safe.

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