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    Safe and Vault Store 15th Anniversary

    Safe and Vault Store 15th Anniversary

    15 years of safeguarding you and your property… 15 years of legacy and redefining security! 

    Have you heard the news? It’s SafeandVaultStore’s 15-year anniversary! 

    And 15 years truly calls for a celebration because only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. But did you know that the SafeandVaultStore has its roots going back to the 1940s?

    Well, sit tight and I’ll share with you our company journey.


    Generations of locksmith experts

    Generations of locksmith experts

    It seems like yesterday when I initiated this online safe and vault retailing company. Yet looking at it today the challenges we’ve conquered, the successes we’ve shared, the value we’ve delivered, and the family we’ve built we’ve come a long way, indeed. 

    And speaking of family, I still remember the story of my grandfather, Robert Hunt, purchasing an existing lock shop way back in 1948. It was a 5-employee company called Spokane Safe and Lock which was originally chartered in 1902.

    Yes. Our company is somewhat rooted around the era of the Great Depression when businesses were hopeless and bound to collapse… but we didn’t.

    You see, my grandfather was an innovator and a visionary man. 

    When the boom of the post-war era saw a plethora of new banks springing up in towns all across the Pacific Northwest, he immediately saw the market opportunity and expanded beyond the local region.

    And what’s better than one innovator? A family of innovators.

    In the 1950s, my father Terry and Uncle Robin entered the business to help manage expanding branches and operations. And with the drastic growth of domestic and international markets, the demand for safes and bank security skyrocketed. 

    Later, I was honored to join the company in 1987 and became Allied’s president in 2001. Being energetic and internet savvy, I lead the company in the age of computers and advancing technology. 

    This was a major breakthrough.

    Not only did modern technology improve our manufacturing process, but it also served as a catalyst to me initiating an online store in 2007. Welcome to the SafeandVaultStore

    SafeandVaultStore… security at your fingertips

    Many years ago, we saw a shift in consumer buying habits and decided to embrace this new way of information gathering, shopping, and buying. It was efficient and effective. Therein was the seed that began our journey to be the best online “retailer” for safes, vaults, and a host of security products.

    This online business has since grown to be one of the nation’s most prominent retailers of safes and vaults catering to businesses and individuals who seek to protect their valuables. 

    Fast forward 15 years… it’s nothing short of amazing where we are right now in 2022.

    “Our success is the result of hard work, passion, dedication, attention to detail, and our culture of customer service. We love what we do, we understand our products inside and out, and we carefully listen to and try to meet the needs of each unique customer.”—Jay Hunt, Owner

    Our aspiration and commitment

    It all started with my grandfather realizing how he can solve other people’s security problems. And this applies to not just gun owners but also to the general public people with something of substance to protect like jewelry, family heirlooms, artworks, collectibles, and important documents. 

    Since then, our aspiration has remained the same. That is to help customers benefit from the wealth of knowledge that we have gained over the years and provide the best products at the best price. 

    We understand not just quality safes and true security but more importantly, we understand you your needs and challenges, your hard-earned budget, and that you deserve nothing but the best security products.

    Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service from the time you contact us to the installation and getting the best out of your purchased product. That’s right. We’re not just sellers. We are your security partner... for life.

    We go above and beyond and that’s what separates us from our competitors. We don’t just sell products but we also sell our decades of renowned reputation. What’s more? We take your privacy and security seriously.

    All these have kept us one of the top providers of security products nationwide for decades. And we’ll keep it that way if not transcend it.

    It’s Our 15th Anniversary - Safer Homes Suicide Aware

    Creating a better world… together we can

    While we may be a security business, we’re not just like any business. We dare to differ and we dare to go the extra mile.

    We at SafeandVaultStore know too well the importance of suicide awareness and gun safety. That is why we have partnered with Safer Homes to help strengthen this cause. 

    Since its inception, the Safer Homes, Suicide Aware campaign has raised public awareness of suicide and offered people immediate steps to make their homes safer. 

    With joined efforts: 

    • 1,500+ life-saving conversations & locking devices have been distributed 
    • 10,500+ People reached through conferences & training sessions
    • Firearms Safety, Suicide Awareness, and You Handbooks have been given out to gun owners
    • Safer Home memorial was installed in Olympia
    • And more!

    Hence, in light of that, there’s an option to donate to this cause on our website. In addition, we will also be donating 50 cents for every order placed over $100 to Safer Homes

    Every bit helps, and we are proud to be a part of this cause and hope to inspire others to join. 


    Safe and Vault Store 15th Anniversary

    We didn’t come this far to only come this far

    15 years may sound like a very long time. But let me tell you, we’re far from done. There’s no room for complacency and we choose to stay humble and hard working. 

    Here’s the thing… the best of the SafeandVaultStore is yet to come. 

    More awesome products are in the making. More innovations are underway. And more lives and valuables are yet to be made safe and sound. 

    As we unfold another year, you can expect the same excellent service, if not even better. As a nation, we all got taken back a bit by the pandemic, but we were able to adapt, learn and find innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs at an even higher standard than before. (just like we’ve been doing since the Great Depression).

    One of the many unique industries we have had the privilege of being “the perfect solution” for is cannabis retail.There’s a lot of vulnerability in that kind of business. And many times, we’ve seen cannabis retailers make an (uninformed) decision about the level of protection they need these are the opportunities that give our safe professionals a chance to share their training and expertise with consumers when they need it most. 

    Don’t know the difference we have got the answers and we’re one call away through our toll-free number 800-207-2259. You can contact us at

    Remember, personal and professional attention and solution await you at the other end of the line and in our store.

    And of course, thank you!

    As we celebrate 15 years of excellence and redefining the security business, we’d like to extend our enormous gratitude to somebody who has been an integral part of our journey. 

    That somebody is none other than YOU

    Yes… you, our valued customer. Without you, this journey wouldn’t be so epic and successful. Without you, 15 years wouldn’t be possible. 

    So, from all of us at SafeandVaultStore, our sincere thanks!

    As always, your peace of mind is our goal in mind.


    —Dye Hawley, Sales Manager, and Safe Consultant