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    Safe Overview: GS592820 Second Amendment Gun Safe

    The Safe & Vault Store’s own brand Second Amendment gun safe is a solid take on a timeless design and does exactly what it advertises. The basic concept is a classic gun cabinet with tiered shelving and a large capacity for long guns. Additionally this safe comes with more than sufficient burglar and fire protection. The biggest perk, however, is the price. Here we’ll look at some of the basic specifications so you can see just what you’d be getting with the Safe & Vault Store Second Amendment Gun Safe.

    Dimensions Outside: 59.00” H x 28.00” W x 20.00” D

    Inside: 55.00” H x 24.50” W x 15.00” D

    Interior Cubic Feet: 11.70

    Weight: 482 lbs


    The GS592820 comes with a CDOJ (California Department of Justice) burglar rating and one hour of fire protection tested at 1,700 F. This safe comes with a ¼ inch door and 12 gauge steel walls. The interior has a nice design with movable shelves and plenty of space. It even comes standard with a number of holsters and ammo pouches on the backside of the door. The Second Amendment gun safe can hold up to 24 long guns as well as an assortment of side arms and accessories.

    Security Features

    In addition to the quality build there are a lot of advanced security features. This rifle cabinet comes with 10 deadbolts measuring 1.25” in diameter. A drill resistant hardened steel plate protects the locking mechanism and there is a spring loaded relocking mechanism for the event of a lock punching attack. For additional fire security there are intumescent seals that expand in the event of a fire and prevent additional smoke and fire damage. Finally this safe comes with anchoring holes for securing it to the floor. All in all this safe really has its bases covered. When it comes down to it it’s a very competitive price for the security features you get with the Safe & Vault Store Second Amendment gun safe. It looks good too! A powder black coating and