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    Secure Logic Wall Vaults

    The Secure Logic Wall Vault line of wall safes is a great addition to any home for protection and security of valuables and handguns. Each model is designed with the convenience of easy installation, easy access, and the benefit of blending into the decor of any home without compromising on security. There are three different models to choose from and each one has the advantage that most wall safes do not have in a Department of Justice certified burglary rating. Each safe offers reinforced stainless steel, a revolutionary locking mechanism, lag-bolted installation, and innovative design that all add up to peace of mind for concerned gun owners, or any homeowner who wants to protect their prized possessions.

    Biometric Fingerprint Technology

    • Use fingerprint to identify and verify that you are who you claim to be without having to remember different passwords, codes, or lock combinations. Simply place your finger on the programmable fingerprint scanner and the vault opens instantly.
    • By using the available storage room in your walls you save space and eliminate clutter.
    • It will hold anything from jewelry, passports, medicine, to handguns and everything in between. It even has a secret compartment to hold additional items.
    • Can be covered up with a favorite art piece to hide it from view.
    • Simple and easy to program, store, change or delete fingerprints. It will accept and store up to 6 original fingerprint codes.


    Keypad Interface Technology 

    • Lost keys are a thing of the past with the easy to use keypad. Just enter your code that you personally choose and the Wall Vault opens instantly.
    • It will hold anything from jewelry, passports, medicine, to handguns and everything in between. It even has a secret compartment to hold additional items.
    • Valuables and firearms are protected and safe, only accessible to you and those you choose to program in. When you need to access its contents, simply enter your personal PIN number and the Wall Vault opens instantly.
    • Easy to program up to two personal PIN numbers in minutes.
    • PIN numbers are stored, verified, changed, or deleted with ease.
    • The door instantly opens once the PIN is entered on the remote, allowing only those you choose to have access
    • The unique code can be stored, changed, and deleted as the administrator chooses.
    • The customizable shelving compartment can secure documents, passports, valuables, and more.
    • The InvisiVault can install between two 16 inch center studs of any wall in your home, quickly and easily by anyone.
    • Total customization of the InvisiVault's one of a kind opening mechanism which allows the frame to slide in either direction.
    • Customize the InvisiVault one step further by adding your favorite photo or painting into the frame. Slide any 12x16 or 16x20 print right into the slot and your favorite art now hides all of your most important valuables.
    • Simple and easy to use instructions will teach you how to program your remote control in minutes. Just like at the ATM, your PIN code assures that only you have control of who is able to enter. The PIN code can be changed as many times as you need.