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    Security Camera Placement

    Finding the ideal place to put your security cameras is one of the challenges of upping your security system with surveillance. If you really want to get value out of your cameras this is going to be the most important part of your setup and something that you should put a good deal of thought into before installation. So, what kind of details should you consider when placing your cameras? There a number of factors to getting the most out of your surveillance cameras and we’ll look at the details for how to get maximum value.

    Business Owners The strategy behind surveillance camera placement differs a little bit between home and business use. For a business it’s usually encouraged to place the cameras lower (i.e. not in the top corners) and in such a place that you can get a visual on somebody at the counter. Here it’s most important usually to get a clear shot of someone’s face. Additionally, it’s important to cover pedestrian and vehicle access points. If you can keep tabs on the license plates of vehicles you’ll be in a good position to catch any perpetrators after the fact. One of the greatest perks of security cameras is the deterrence they can provide. This means making them relatively easily to see so as to deter any crimes before they are committed. Homeowners As previously mentioned, one of the most important factors and the biggest perk of security cameras is deterrence. This means placing your cameras in such a way as they will be seen and deter any crimes before they happen. This means you should not ‘hide’ your cameras. You want to place your cameras at the critical access points to your home. This means that if you have a single walkway to your backyard you should cover it with a camera. Keep one on the front door as well if possible and try to angle your cameras in such a way so that you can get a visual of any potential perpetrators face. It’s also important to identify where you home is the weakest and cover these locations with a security camera. This usually means garages and around the back of your home. It’s important to combo your cameras with a motion sensor light or night vision so that they will still be effective at night.