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Safe Buying 101: Dial Lock or Digital Lock?

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

When securing valuables, it’s important to maximize your safe’s security with a lock accommodating for your lifestyle. While combination locks are included as base safe features, digital lock installments typically cost between $100 and $175. Price matters, but it’s normally reflective of equal qualities. For this reason, it’s best to select a lock based upon your lifestyle needs. Examine the guide below:

The Dial lock

Dial Combination Lock

Dial locks are incredibly classic, but they’re still widely used today. Carrying a very low failure rate, successful dial locks are indispensable security resources.

The Pros

Dial locks don’t require batteries to change. Due to their mechanical design, they’re also

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Dial Combination Lock vs. Digital Electronic Lock

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

Many safes today come with a standard Group II Dial Combination Lock. Some of our customers choose to upgrade to the Group II Digital Electronic Lock for the safe they purchase. There are many benefits to having one or the other and also some disadvantages. Choosing which lock to put on your safe can be confusing if you don’t have much knowledge about locks. Here are some pros and cons to have a combination lock vs a digital electronic lock:

Dial Combination Lock (made by S&G or Lagard)


  • Dial Combination Locks have been around for over 100 years and are very secure and

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