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Advantages of the AMSEC BF6030 Gun and Rifle Safe

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

Every gun owner understands how important it is to keep firearms safe and secure. From preventing unwanted entry and stopping theft in its tracks to ensuring that rare, expensive, or cherished guns remain intact and in impeccable condition, there’s nothing more important than security.

Because of this, purchasing a gun safe is a priority for many dedicated gun owners. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of gun safes on the market, none does its job quite so well as the AMSEC BF6030 Gun and Rifle Safe. Designed to offer stunning good looks and truly unparalleled security for your handguns and rifles,

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The Importance of Gun Safe Construction

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

When it comes to gun safes, it’s all about construction. Indeed, what the safe is made of and how it is all put together should be one of the first things you look at. Many safes appear safe, giving the illusion of impenetrability. However, while this does deter some people, such as amateur burglars just looking for a quick buck, the simple look of security does not do the trick. So when you are looking for the perfect gun safe, be sure to follow these steps while you’re narrowing down the big boys from the lightweights.


It’s All About the Material

The very

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Do I Need A Large Gun Safe?

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

Buyer’s Guide: Do I Really Need a Large Safe?

Folks have always said that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This is especially the case with gun safes. People all over the country believe that the biggest safes are the best safes. But what most people don’t recognize is that this not necessarily the case. Big safes are not only more expensive, but could also present a special challenge which may or may not result in numerous difficulties. Before you start shopping around for the biggest gun safe, you first need to ask yourself why this kind of a purchase

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Are Gun Safes Water Proof?

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

Are gun safes water proof? This question is asked by many of our customers and the truth is, there are NO gun safes to our knowledge that are “water proof”. Many people are misled by other companies that a water proof gun safe exists. Most all gun safes use a “Paulsel Seal” around the door named for the inventor. This seal expands to 5 times its size when a fire is burning outside the gun safe. (heat activated) The seal will help make the gun safe SOMEWHAT water and/or smoke “resistant” but not smoke or water proof.

The way that fire retardant material

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Store your Firearms in a Gun Safe

Posted by Jay Hunt on

Many fatal firearm accidents and suicides occur when children and teenagers discover guns at home that have been left loaded and not secured in a gun safe. While over 22 million children live in households that have at least one gun, keeping a firearm in the home is a serious decision and one that should not be made lightly. Even households that do not have children should be aware that a relative, loved one or friend could discover a loaded firearm when visiting.

Some ways to prevent that are:

  • Safe storage of guns in a gun safe.

  • Taking qualified gun safety courses for you

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