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Looking for a special deal on a safe for the holidays? Stop your search because we have you covered. Here at Safe & Vault Store.com we want to make sure that our customers get the best safe for their needs at the best price. We have specials and discounts on some of our most popular products. Enjoy discounts on new and scratch and dent safes. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call one of our sales consultants today at 800-207-2259! We will help you find the right safe at the best price available. 

Quick list of our promotions:

Now Featuring Winchester Gun Safes

Now Featuring Winchester Gun Safes

Winchester Gun Safes are one of the most well-known gun safe brands in the industry. Winchester Safes was founded in 1991 based on its long history of manufacturing quality products. They are known for their reliability and integrity. With Winchester Gun Safes, they are built to protect more than just firearms. The proven security offers protection for your memories, protection for your valuable possessions, and peace of mind for you and your family. 

"Our Safes Are Built For Anyone, With Anything Worth Protecting"

Winchester Gun Safes offer burglary protection, fire protection, a replacement guarantee, and a good warranty. This includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. 

Winchester Gun Safes include the following lines:

  • Ranger 
  • Silverado 
  • Treasury 
  • Big Daddy 
  • Big Daddy XLT 
  • Slim Daddy 
  • Legacy 
  • Bandit 
  • Pony 
  • Home Safe 

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Verifi Smart Safes

Verifi Smart Safes

A common question we get asked is, are biometric locks reliable? Most are not but Verifi Smart Safes are different.

The Verifi Smart Safes Quick Access Biometric Handgun Safe features the largest and only FBI-certified fingerprint sensor in any handgun safe on the market.

This is why most less expensive handgun safes typically have a backup keypad for when the sensors don't work.

Verifi Smart Safes are built differently. 

Benefits of the Verifi Fingerprint Sensors include:

  • The technology behind the Verifi Smart Safe S5000 Quick Access Biometric Handgun Safe utilizes the same large area, capacitive fingerprint sensing technology used by the United States Government.
  • The TouchChip sensor reads fingerprints at a high resolution of 508 dpi.
  • This helps to capture more of the minute details in a fingerprint and enhances the performance of the recognition system.
  • With better recognition comes a faster opening of your safe.
  • When you need to access your firearm in an emergency, every second counts.
  • The Verifi fingerprint scanners are designed to work the first time.
  • No more scanning your fingerprint multiple times and not being able to get into your safe.

There are 3 sizes to choose from:

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Stopbox AR-15 Chamber Lock - Price Reduction

Stopbox AR-15 Chamber Lock - Price Reduction

The Stopbox AR-15 Chamber Lock is another innovative product by Stopbox. It is designed to prevent any tampering with your gun but allows quick access when you need it. Your rifle will be at the ready but locked. Never worry again about the batteries to your safe dying, electronics failing or losing keys. 

Save $40.00 off your order today. Buy for only $99.00 with Free Shipping while supplies last.

Just insert the Stopbox Chamber Lock into your firearm to secure it. When you want to use it, just press your combination to remove it. This chamber lock is made of machined 6061 T6 aluminum and is Type II and Type III Hard Anodized. Stopbox provides a Lifetime Warranty with each purchase. 

The Stopbox AR-15 Chamber Lock is compatible with AR-15 .223 / 5.56. The Rapid-Access Finger Code Lock allows you to press the buttons to remove quickly. This chamber lock is 100% build in the USA in Spokane Valley, WA. 


  • Secure your firearm while still having quick reliable access when you need it most.
  • No batteries, electronics, or keys!
  • Insert the Chamber Lock into your firearm to secure it, press your combination to remove it. 
  • Designed to prevent tampering and quick access to others while your gun is at the ready.
  • Use it as a chamber flag at the range!
  • Available in 3 colors - Black, Gun Metal Blue, or Red.

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Save $600 on the SecureIt TRUE Gun Safe

Save $600 on the SecureIt TRUE Gun Safe

The True Gun Safe is made like a gun safe should be made – with cement composite-filled double steel walls to truly protect against thieves and fire.

The problem with today’s so-called gun safes is that they do not do well what they are supposed to do, and that is to protect against theft or fire.

Over time, gun safes have evolved away from protection, presumably in an effort to maximize profits, leaving gun safe owners with what are, essentially, extremely heavy locking boxes. Locking boxes that are shiny showpieces constructed of just a single steel wall lined with corrosion-causing drywall and carpet.

Armed with a $20 saw, a thief can cut open such a gun safe in minutes. And, if you have a fire of any significance, your guns will not survive.

That’s why we make the TRUE cement composite-filled, double steel-walled gun safe. We’ve brought back the proven steel-concrete-steel design from before profiteers ruined gun safes. A TRUE Safe is far more likely to stop would-be thieves from cutting open your safe and it will give your guns a fighting chance to survive a fire.

If you’re going to buy a safe, why not buy a safe that can stop thieves and protects against fire? That’s TRUE!

Buy the SecureIt TRUE Gun Safe for only $3,999 with free shipping while supplies last.

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Barska Refurbished Safes - Up to 30% Off

Barska Refurbished Safes - Up to 30% Off

Barska has released a series of reconditioned safe models available for sale. Get up to 30% off what you would pay for a new model. The types of Barska refurbished safes available include:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Safes
  • Depository Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Rifle Safes
  • Fireproof Safes

Barska's reconditioned products have been repaired and restored to clean and in working condition. Minor scratches have been covered by touch-up paint. No warranty available. Buy now, limited quantities are available for sale.

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