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10 Reasons Your Business Needs A Paper Shredder

One of the most crucial parts of running a business is keeping confidential information secure. As a business owner, you're responsible for the security of your client's information as well as your employees. If this information were to fall victim to identity theft, it could have major consequences that may even sink your company. That said, if you don't already have one, your business needs a paper shredder.


10 Reasons Why A Paper Shredder Is A Top Priority

When you keep old documents on hand that aren't of use to you anymore but they contain critical information, it can be dangerous to keep them around. Criminals can easily obtain these documents if they're not secure, steal the information, and use it for identity theft. That said, here are 10 reasons why your business needs a paper shredder.


  1. Piles of documents can be a fire hazard. It's never a good idea to have piles of documents stacked around the office. This creates fuel for a fire should a fire start in the office. Shredding and recycling helps remove this fire hazard.
  2. Paper shredding ensures consumer trust. Consumers are more likely to trust companies that shred their confidential documents after they've been used because they can feel confident knowing their data is being treated with respect.
  3. Paper shredding makes your employees feel safe. Employees are also more likely to work for a company that shreds their documents because it makes them feel more secure.
  4. You save on storage space. Paper shredding keeps you from needing to carve out additional space in your office to store your documents and filing cabinets.
  5. You save on filing costs. When your employees spend time on filing documents that won't be used again, they're taking time away from tasks that could increase your company's productivity.
  6. Shredding keeps your business data safe. Identity theft is a major issue, not only for individuals but also for businesses. Shredding keeps your company's data safe from criminals looking to hack your data.
  7. Shredding avoids corporate espionage. It isn't only identity thieves you need to worry about getting ahold of your company data, but also your competitors. Shredding keeps your company ideas from getting into the wrong hands. 
  8. Paper shredding saves time. You may think you're saving money by manually tearing up old documents, but this can actually take a lot of time away from your other tasks.
  9. Shredding makes recycling easier. When your old documents are already shredded, it makes bagging them and taking them to the recycling point much easier.
  10. Proper document disposal is the law. Under the Data Protection Act, it's legally required that you securely dispose of confidential waste like your client's medical records, salary details, and personal address details.

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