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Why Can't I Use A Gun Safe To Store My Medical Cannabis?

Medicines such as medical cannabis are designed to help you feel better and treat medical conditions. Unfortunately, your medication can be a danger to your kids if you're not careful. Thieves are also a potential risk when it comes to keeping your medications secure. Medical cannabis and pain medications like OxyContin are tempting for burglars looking for valuable assets around your home.

Keep your medications secure by using the right safes

Many people will choose to store their medications in a gun safe to keep them away from curious kids and burglars. Unfortunately, these safes would only keep your children from reaching your medicine. Not all gun safes were designed to stop burglars. This is because many are designed with two things in mind: protecting your firearms from fire and protecting your kids from your firearms. What gun safes aren't designed to do is keep thieves who have time and tools from accessing the safe. Instead of using a gun safe that's made to protect firearms, consider using medical cannabis safes to protect your medications.

Why use medical cannabis safes?

Medical cannabis safes are specifically designed to protect your medical cannabis from burglary and fire. Compared to a gun safe, you can store a medical cannabis safe in the floor of your home for optimal security.When a safe is visible, burglars know where to go to find the valuables they want to access. Floor safes keep your valuables and medical cannabis safe and secure from non-consensual access.If floor safes aren't an option for you, find an area in your home where your children won't be able to reach. Once you've found the right spot, find a way to make your medical cannabis safe blend in with the surrounding area. Your goal is to make your safe difficult to find both for your kids and any potential burglars.

Where can I get a high-security floor safe?

High-security safes are crucial when it comes to keeping your medical cannabis safe and secure from theft. High-security burglar safes are able to protect between $50,000 and $1,500,000 worth of valuables. They're also able to protect against safe crackers and fire. Whether you're looking for fireproof floor safes, business safes, or accessories for your safe, the Safe and Vault Store has everything you need to feel secure. To learn more about our safe accessories andfloor safes, contact the Safe and Vault Store today.