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4 Ways Your Store Can Benefit From A Smart Safe


A critical part of running an effective business is money management. Safety and security are essential in business and nothing keeps your organization's money quite as secure as a safe. However, while average wall safes and floor safes may be adequate for securing handguns and jewelry at home, they can often be inefficient in retail stores. This is because business owners have to keep track of the money put into and taken out of the safe in addition to security. Consequently, consider the following reasons why your business may benefit from investing in a smart safe rather than your average burglar fire safe.

1) Smart safes improve customer service

Unlike manual safes, smart safes are automated to accurately keep track of deposits (cash) that is put into the safe as well as the money taken out. This automation improves the speed at which employees can prepare to make deposits. Counting the money at the end of the shift can be done for you. It also makes investigations into discrepancy that much easier, thereby giving store managers more time to be productive and help customers.

2) Smart safes improve company culture

Because a smart safe has incredible accuracy, it can reduce employee stress over being short or over at their register by the end of the shift. The less stress experienced by your store's workers, the more productive they'll be and the better your store's culture will be.

3) Smart safes give you a cleaner store

When store managers and employees don't have to worry about money management in the store, they can be productive elsewhere by improving the hygiene and merchandising of the store. As a result, your store will be cleaner and more appealing to customers.

4) Smart safes make stores more secure

A smart safe helps to make your store safer and more secure because it reduces the amount of money that's available in the cash register. For this reason, only a small amount of money can be taken by a thief in the event of a robbery. What's more, a smart safe limits access to deposited funds with its advanced anti-lock drilling features and locking system. A smart safe can also detect counterfeit bills, thereby protecting the store from more than just robbery but also fraud. Smart safes provide an optimal solution for a number of common money management problems. For more information on smart safes for your retail store or business, contact the Safe and Vault Store today.