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5 Excellent Reasons to Buy a Used Safe

5 Excellent Reasons to Buy a Used Safe

The right safe can make a world of difference—providing you the protection you need for your home or office valuables. And buying a used safe or a discounted safe (e.g., scratch-and-dent) is an affordable and smart option.        

Why it makes perfect sense (and cents) to buy a used safe  

Here are five reasons to consider buying a used safe:

  1. They retain their value and reliability—tested by a previous owner.  
  2. It may still be under warranty (you’ll need to verify this). If under the original warranty or an extended warranty offered by the seller, you may have coverage for any parts that might fail due to wear and tear.  
  3. They are more affordable. Like anything, you pay less for something used than something new. And because you’re saving money on your purchase, this allows you some wiggle room to purchase a larger or more-expensive brand than you would have been able to do.
  4. Avoid depreciation—A new safe depreciates over time. It’s similar to driving a new car off the lot and the depreciation factor slaps you in the face. Save yourself the sting of depreciation by purchasing a used safe or discounted safe—someone else already lost that money, but it wasn’t you. 
  5. Used safes cost less to insure. Because they’re not brand-new, they typically won’t require as much insurance coverage. It’s a win-win: You save on the purchase price and on insurance premiums!

Types of used safes that are commonly available

There are a variety of used safes available that can provide you real bang for your buck. They include:

  • Fire safes

A fire safe can keep important documents from being permanently lost in a fire (deeds, titles to vehicles, passports, etc.). 

  • Burglar safes

Burglary Safes are commonly used for storing important paperwork, money, jewelry, cash, and other valuables. They are a great deterrent, especially if bolted to the floor or hidden out of sight to avoid theft of valuables during a home robbery.            

  • Fire file cabinet safes 

Fire File Cabinets for your home office or business will keep your important records organized and secure from a fire.

  • T1-15, TL-30 high-security burglar safes

High security safes are the ideal protection for your cash and other valuables and they have endured rigorous tests to prove their ability to keep a burglar away from your valuables. 

Buying a safe—whether new or used—is a wise investment. And a high-quality used safe can help you meet your security challenges and provide you peace of mind in these uncertain times. Have questions about buying a used safe? Give one of our safe professionals a call at 800-207-2259 today! We’re here to help! 


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