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How to Bolt Your Safe to the Floor

So you may be feeling pretty confident about your top of the line safe with an UL-35 rating and all the bells and whistles available. There may be one problem, though. What if the would be thief would opt to steal the safe rather than just the contents. At their leisure no security rating is going to be enough. One great option, however, does exist and is really quite effective as well as simple. It’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays to bolt your safe to the floor so that it can’t be heisted so easily. This is a rather easy project in theory but takes a bit of work and planning to do it properly. Here we’ll look at some of the guidelines to bolt your safe to the floor and how to do it properly.

To begin you’ll need to make sure that you safe can be bolted to the floor. This is a common feature for safes of all sizes and weights. There can be some variance among safes though. Some will have a single bolt hole in the middle while others will have 4 bolt holes on the corners.

The next thing that you’ll need to consider is where you want to bolt your safe down and what material floor below your safe is. This will dictate the materials you are going to need.

You’ll need an appropriate drill bit and correct studs. Place your safe where you want to it be bolted down and use a pencil to draw a circle through the mounting holes. Once this is done you’ll need to move the safe and drill a hole in the floor where you made your marks.

Follow the instructions on the studs or the safe manual to determine how deep you need to drill the holes in the floor. Remember that the width of the holes need to be smaller than the width of the studs. Use a hammer to insert the studs (remember to buy the right studs that correspond to the material of your floor).

Once you have the studs in place make sure that there is enough protruding from the top so that you can line it up properly with the mounting holes and have enough space to secure a nut.

Now you’ll move your safe back into place and secure nuts on the threaded tops of the studs. It’s quite a simple process that can go a long ways in protecting your valuables. You may think that because your safe is so heavy you don’t need to bolt it down but it never hurts to be extra careful.