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Advanced Security Measures

The basics of home safe locking mechanisms are quite simple. However, once you get past the basics there is some amazing technology available that can really boost the protection offered by your home safe. There are a number of different security options past a thick wall and a combo lock that can react to various types of attacks on your safe. From wireless alarm systems to triggered lock downs there are some great options for people seeking additional security measures on your home or commercial safe. Here we’ll take a look at some of the state of the art anti-theft design that is being implemented in modern safes today.

Glass Plate Relockers This is one of the state of the art anti-theft mechanisms that is becoming more popular in top of the line safes. This system has proven to be a great asset for safes in protecting them from a frontal assault method of burglary. The basic idea is that a tempered glass plate is installed between the door and the locking mechanism that when broken electronically trigger a series of hardened relocker pins. These pins are usually located in key positions in the safe that will prevent the safe from being opened unless each is individually dismantled which usually goes beyond the time constraints of a burglar. Silent Signal Alert This is another system that is becoming more popular nowadays for the additional security it can provide for home and commercial purposes. This is something that has only recently been enabled due to advancements in wireless communication technology. The idea is that if you are forced to open your safe against your will you can enter a specific predetermined key code that will alert your home alarm system or the proper authorities to the burglary taking place. It’s a bit of a revamped silent alarm system that has been in place in banks for years that has finally made its way to your home safe. Time Locks These were once used only for bank vaults but have recently been making their way into home safes and vaults. The basic idea is that these locks will only open after a predetermined amount of time after the correct password has been entered. In modern variations these can be programmed to only open at specific times during the day or locked out entirely for extended periods. These have become highly programmable and a great option for people looking for additional security in their home safe or vault.