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Advantages of floor safes: They Can’t Take What They Can’t Move

So a thief can’t pick the lock on your safe, and they can’t penetrate the steel. What do they do? They take the entire safe home and work on it there. Even very heavy safes can be vulnerable to this tactic when a prepared thief comes by. But floor safes are completely immune. They can’t take what they can’t move.

Advantages of floor safes

Because floor safes are immobile, they are inherently more secure against burglary than other safe types. Beyond that, they have a number of useful advantages that make floor safes an option worth considering for any home or business owner.
  • Concealability: A floor safe is easily hidden. The flat profile of the lid can be concealed beneath a mat, rug, or piece of furniture.The average burglar spends 8 to 12 minutes inside your home. That’s plenty of time for them to locate and potentially crack an upright safe, but odds are they’ll never know a concealed space is there.
  • Space: You aren’t nearly as hampered by space when choosing a floor safe - after all, all of that storage is beneath the floor. First, this means you can protect more valuables. Second, it means you don’t use any additional space inside your home!
  • Security: As mentioned, floor safes are naturally immovable. Because they are encased in concrete, properly installed floor safes are naturally resistant to fire as well.

Things to consider

As one might expect these advantages are balanced out somewhat by other considerations. A floor safe may not be right for everyone. If you’re thinking of buying a floor safe, here are some questions you need to ask:
  • Are you renting? If you are, you’ll need permission from the landlord before drilling holes in the floor. Also, when you move out, the safe will not be easy to transport.
  • Where do you plan to install it? If you wish to install anywhere other than the ground floor, you will need to make sure the ceiling is able to hold the weight of the safe.
  • What happens if you lose access? If you lose your key or forget your combination, there’s no way to remove the safe from its fitting in the floor unless you pay a locksmith to crack it.
  • What about waterproofing? In the event of a fire, a safe will hold up remarkably well against the flames. But when the fire is put out, will water leak into it and damage the contents? Best to waterproof to make sure.
All in all, if you own a home or a business and you want the best protection possible, a floor safe is a very strong choice. They are exceptional for protecting guns, cash, contracts, and other valuables. Check out ourcollection of floor safes for different brand options.