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Best In-Wall Gun Safes for Your Home

Best In-Wall Gun Safes for Your Home

Securing firearms in your home is vital to keep your family safe and prevent someone from breaking in and stealing them. Stolen firearms that are not locked up and later used in a crime could mean you could be held liable depending on the laws in your state. Only some people need a large gun safe, so what options exist for those who want to save space or have limited space? An In-Wall Gun Safe is the perfect solution since it uses space inside your wall. It's like what you find in a movie, but this is real life. These safes can be installed between your studs in the wall, saving space and concealed so that nobody knows your firearm(s) and valuables are in the wall cavity. Our theory is if the burglar can't find the safe, they can't break into it.

Here are some of our recommendations for some of the Best In Wall Gun Safes on the market. These recommendations are for storing rifles, but you can also put other items inside, such as handguns, valuables, and paperwork.

Are you worried about someone breaking into your home and finding your weapons? Hide them in plain sight! Tactical Walls 1450M acts as a full-length mirror and provides two hidden compartments to store your rifles and pistols.

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SnapSafe has some unique features that make it step above the competitors. Most wall safes have an internal locking mechanism that takes up space inside the safe. The SnapSafe 75414 has a state-of the-art latch mechanism that maximizes usable interior storage space.

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The V-Line Tactical Closet Vault In-Wall Safe has all-steel Molle board on the door plus an adjustable foam barrel support, this safe is specifically designed to conveniently store and organize your tactical gear. It is also completely customizable with 8 optional kits and shelves to best meet your individual needs.

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V-Line's NEW Closet Vault Plus Gun Cabinet 51653-S-PLUS is designed to be installed in between the wall studs (16" on center - 2" x 4"). It is made to be large enough to accommodate most items you will need to store inside without taking up floor space. This Closet Vault Plus can be easily hidden in a closet or behind a door.

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Secure your gun and have the quick access you need in an emergency? The Hayman MM-4814 Minuteman Quick Access Gun Safe was created just for this purpose.

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All the top 5 choices above are great options for an in wall gun safe. Each has unique benefits, so you must decide which works best for your situation. Here are some things to consider before purchasing.

1.  Where is the best place to install an in-wall gun safe?

All of the safes above are designed to be installed in the wall, but which wall? Think about a place that is easily accessible such as a master bedroom closet that is convenient for you to access. Also, consider hiding the safe with a mirror or picture/painting in front of it so that it blends in.

2.  Are wall gun safes fireproof?

A downside to these safes is that they are not fireproof. This is because they are shallow since they need to be installed in your wall, which is usually only 4-6" deep. To be fireproof, the fire material has to be pretty thick, and it's just not possible with a safe that is only 4-6" deep. Consider another fireproof safe for your important paperwork, and use an in wall gun safe for your rifles and handguns.

Final Thoughts

If you have a shotgun or rifle at home and you're looking for a secure place to store it, want to save space, and want quick access, an in wall gun safe might be the perfect solution. An in wall gun safe should also be considered if you have a family at home or are concerned about someone breaking in and stealing your weapons. Our team is here to guide you if you need help selecting the perfect safe.

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