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Browning Security Doors: Peace of Mind with Built-in Concealment

There are some items in life that you can, and perhaps should, store in a bank safe deposit box. However, there are other items that you prefer to keep at home, including a cherished gun collection, jewelry and other heirlooms, cash and coin collections, and anything else you hold dear and want to protect. Browning offers a large selection of vault doors that offer the double benefit of ironclad protection and clever confidentiality. Built-in concealment options for your security adds a whole new dimension to your efforts to prevent any breaches.

Choose security doors to conceal and safeguard

Most of the time, homeowners who have a room with a vault, safe or gun collection would rather not draw unnecessary attention to the items inside. By choosing to buy a Browning security vault door, guests (and anyone else you would rather not know about the contents of a guarded room) never need to know that you even have a safe. Security doors like the classic Browning 6-panel offer all the protection you need while helping you avoid attracting attention to your valuables. With this security door, which serves as much as camouflage as sheer protection, you can store any and all important items without having to field any questions. Also, in case of a home burglary, having an unassuming sealed room might cause criminals to leave your house empty-handed if the door is too challenging for them to open. Thankfully, criminals are often in a rush to grab what they can and make their getaway. Even if the burglars do decide that the door is hiding valuables, and they try to break into your newBrowning security door 6-panel, they have their work cut out for them, thanks to some key features:

  • 1-7/8" thick Duo-Formed type door.
  • 1-1/4" chromed locking bolts. (20 total / 10 active)
  • 10-Gauge steel thickness
  • Weight: 500 pounds
Any unwelcome invaders will also come face-to-face with a SecuRam Electronic Lock to slow them down even more.

Hide your valuables and gun vaults in plain sight with great looking Browning security doors

By installing a standard indoor residential door for your secured gun vault room, you really are hiding your most highly valued items in plain sight. Your efforts indiscretion can go a long way in avoiding turning your secured room into a conversation piece. The less said about your secure room, the better. Even among your most-trusted friends, there are plenty of reasons you do not want to draw attention to your sealed gun vault room. If you have relatives visiting who do not particularly have any interest in guns, they will feel more at ease passing a door that looks like it opens up to any other room. Additionally, sometimes there are people who may visit your home for holidays or dinner parties, but you simply do not want them to know about the contents of the room. The 6-panel Browning security doors are the perfect solution, coming in white and featuring six classic panels that blend in with the rest of your home’s interior doors.

Installation of Your Browning Security Door

If you are ready to start your safe and vault room project, contact Safe & Vault Store to learn more about room specifications and security doors.