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Do You Need To Buy A Cash Dispensing Safe? Here's Some Important Considerations

Do You Need To Buy A Cash Dispensing Safe? Here Are Some Important Considerations To Make.

Today's business owners and managers must be vigilant in the way in which they handle the cash they receive from sales transactions in order to avoid costly mistakes. There are many ways in which funds can be lost, ranging from employee theft to bank fees and lost deposits, and they all impact your bottom line. It is simply just too time consuming and expensive to try to keep the cash that comes into your business safe, and many businesses, especially convenience stores', truck stops, grocery stores' and entertainment venues' are turning to cash dispensing safes as a result. If you are a business owner and are looking for such a safe, there are several factors that you should consider.

First and foremost, you need to decide whether it makes the most sense to order a stand alone style unit, of which NKL makes quality models of several sizes, or have one installed into one your office walls. Stand alone units are helpful as a place to securely hold your funds and dispense coins but that's as much as most units in this class can perform. The majority of the safes on the market, those which are wall mounted, are really best described as "cash management systems" as they take complete account of the credits and debits made into them. If you need something that can print out audits or cash management reports and want the ability to upgrade your safe via network downloadable programs, a wall mounted safe is ideal. Tidel is one of top brand names of such safes, and some, such as the Tidel Sentinel BCD-R, have the capability to dispense the correct amount of currency for your cashier drawers at the beginning of the shift and deposit that money in at the end of their shift without needing to count it.

This not only makes it easier for your staff to begin their shifts, but also saves time and the inevitable errors that come with hand counting. You'll also want to consider if you need the safe to be portable. While stand alone safes can be moved if your business office space does, you don't have the same flexibility with a mounted system. Granted, both are deterrents to potential thefts and robberies, you may not want to chose one of the larger more sophisticated units if you're in a rental retail location. Finally, you'll need to determine the amount of funds you can reasonably allocate to this level of safety. Both stand alone and wall mounted units can cost upwards of $5000. That sounds like a large amount, but if you take into account the amount you're currently paying for a armored car, or the additional hourly wages you are paying for an accountant and cashiers to cash their drawers in and out each shift, then factor in your average amount of lost revenue from lackadaisical record keeping and you may find that a cash dispensing safe is an important but significant investment in the future profitability of your business.