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Coin Counters

I remember for Christmas one year my parents gave me one of those plastic coin counters. I remember I used to go around begging my parents, and my grandparents, and my friends' parents, and the teller at the grocery store (and just about any other adult around) for their extra pennies and nickels to add to my coin collection.

At least once per day I would load all my coins into my coin counter – every time I’d be surprised when the counter came up with a number. And, even more surprised that the number would always be the same. It was widely beyond my imagination how a machine (a machine!) could figure out how much my pile of coins was worth. Well, now that I’m an adult and I understand how gears, and motors, and counting mechanisms work, I can’t say that I’d any less fascinated.

This one here, the Semacon Coin Sorter/Value Sorter is infinitely more sophisticated that my plastic coin counter from the 1980s, but no less cool. This machine can not only counter, sort, and total any number of coins fed into it, but it can also wrap your coins in bags or wrappers by any set number of coins in each. This is particularly useful if you work in a cash business where you come in contact with lots of coins such as a restaurant, shop, or casino.

Do you want to know the coolest part about it? The Semacon can count 450 coins per minute! That’s 27,000 coins per hour. In quarters, that's $6,750! Now I know that most people who will purchase the Semacon Coin Sorter will be highly practical human beings who want to use it for highly practical reasons, but for me there is something about the cool-factor of this thing that will never cease to amaze me.