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Think offensively when choosing your defense

A few weeks ago my near and dear WSU Cougar football team played the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was supposed to be a walk in the park for the Fighting Irish, which of course it was. Unfortunately for the Cougars, the front line of the Fighting Irish was simply too much of a heavy-weight for the Cougs. This year, the Cougs have just come up woefully short. Thankfully, there is always next year to make things better and that is the nature of college football. When it comes to protecting valuables, if you lose something because some jerk happened to want what you have, and takes it without asking (aka being burglarized), are you going to have next year to replace what was stolen? Can you replace the necklace or ring that Grandma gave you? What about Grandpa's old shotgun that he used as a boy and then gave to you? How about your family photos? What about the lingering feeling of having your personal items thrown randomly about in a burglary.

Can you ever lose the feeling of being personally violated? Can you make it up next year? Or, are you going to come up short? Like my dear old Coug football team, you need to have a good defense, but you need to go on offense to have a good defense. What? In other words, you need to be proactive (offense) and do something about protecting what you have (defense). You should lock up the things that are most valuable to you. Defend and protect what is most valuable to you by putting these things in a good burglar fire safe. Before you go thinking that your dog, Brutus, is going to fend off those evil-doers, think about how Brutus is going to fare against the ravages of a fire. If Brutus is smart he will head for the door. A good fireproof safe would have protected some very valuable items that Brutus could not. Not to mention that a fire safe does not need to be fed or taken to the vet. So, think offensively and invest in a safe that will give you the best defense against both fire and burglars.