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Expert Advice on Safes and Vault Doors

Many gun owners look to secure their firearms in a fireproof gun safe, whether required to do so by law, for personal safety, or to prevent theft or damage in case of a fire.

Are Burglary Fire Safes Better Than Burglary Safes? This question is very hard to answer at first glance. The only way this question can be properly answered is by greatly examining both safes.
We talk a lot about the need for a fireproof safe but what about those of us who live in areas that are commonly ravaged by hurricanes and floods? 
Most people assume that in order for their valuables to be safe they must be kept in a bank safety deposit box. After all banks go to great measures to keep all the burglars out, right? They have secure concrete bunkers they transform into vaults with tightly controlled access and vault doors that no one in the world would ever dream of breaking into. Plus they have very tightly controlled security alarms that will have the authorities there in minutes. All of this sounds like pretty convincing evidence to store your passports and important documents in a safety deposit box….but a fireproof safe might be a better option. 
We have expert safe builders who know all the tricks of the trade, ready to create the ultimate safe just for you. Whether you need an odd size or you want extra fire protection, we can do something for you.
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