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Depository Safes Video with Dye the Safe Guy

Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here again. My name is Dye Hawley, manager of Safe and Vault Store.com. Today we are going to be talking about deposit safes. All the way from the small standard deposit safe like you see here, to a double chamber deposit safe with an extra chamber below. Over here we are going to be talking about a deposit safe that you can actually store cash doors and tills in.

Deposit Safe Construction

But first let's talk about the construction of the deposit safe.First, you need to look for a safe that has at least a 1/4" thickness in the walls and the body. Second, look for a door that has a minimum of 1/2" thick solid steel in the door. Third make sure you have bolts that are at least 1" in diameter. Fourth, be sure that the safe has on the backside, metal that hooks around on the interior in case somebody tries to cut off the hinges. Some safes will have bolts just like this instead of a solid steel metal plate all the way down. We're looking at a safe here which is a standard front drop safe where you drop your contents here, and they fall down into this chamber below here. Notice these jagged edge teeth here. There are actually two sets of them in here to prevent anybody from fishing the money out from inside the safe with a thin wire with some stickum on it.

Rotary Deposit Safes

We're looking at front drop safes but there is also another type of drop safe that has a drum that actually has a large slot on the top of the safe with a big rotary drum. These are special safes designed for large packages.

Lock Types

After you know about the construction and you realize it's the right construction for you, the next thing to consider is the locks. There is two basic kinds of locks. There is a dial combination lock, which is 200 year old technology, very reliable, very dependable. Perfect if it's family owned business where you have employees you know you can trust. The other type is the electronic digital lock. These locks can have anywhere from 1-9 combinations. The real advantage of them is you can change the combination immediately when you have to fire someone or someone moves on to another job.

Audit Trail Locks

Another more sophisticated type of lock is an audit trail lock. Ask a professional at Safe and Vault Store.com about these locks, they can store up to 10 users and you can plug the lock into a laptop with a special software program and cable and you can actually find out who was in your safe, at what time and what date in case you end up missing some cash.

Types of Deposit Safes

Now we need to talk about the types of safes. This safe here is about 20" H x 14" W x 14" D. It has a smaller compartment which is perfect for convenience stores, small point of sale applications, hotel-motel, bars, restaurants etc where you only have one register, possibly two.

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