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DIY Home Security Improvements

Improving your home security can be a fun and easy project that doesn’t have to break them bank. By simply taking some time and doing some research you can find some easy projects around the house that are manageable for even the meekest of handymen. While it is always a good idea to have a professional security system in place it is possible to augment it here and there with fun and easy do-it-yourself projects.

Installing a Peephole

This is an easy project that can give you a little bit more peace of mind when opening the door. Some doors may come with peepholes with poor vision that you wish to replace or no peephole at all. Generally, it is best to install a wide-angle peephole so that you have a greater range of vision when using it.


To begin you’ll need to make sure that your door is of a standard width. This usually means somewhere between 1 ? to 2 inches in thickness. This will be important when buying your peephole. You will also need to check what kind of material your door is made out of so you can prepare a proper drill piece for boring the hole. Next you’ll need to mark where you want to install the peephole. It should be in the center of your door around 5 ½ feet off the ground. Mark the spot with a pencil and drill a pilot hole ? inch in thickness. The pilot hole does not need to go all the way through the door though it is important for it to be level and perpendicular to the surface of the door. Once you have your pilot you can start drilling the complete hole. Most peepholes require a standard ½ in hole for installation but you’ll want to check the specifics of yours before you begin.


Once you have your hole completed you can begin installing the peephole. It will typically come in two pieces. The lens piece will typically be larger and have threads on the outside while the viewing scope is smaller with threads on the inside. You can put the two pieces together before installation and look through to make sure that you have the proper orientation. For installation put the lens piece through the completed hole from the outside and attach the viewing scope from the inside. The two pieces should screw together until they fit snugly. Optionally you can attach the outer piece with a small dab of silicone caulk to create a seal.

This is just a short example of an easy do-it-yourself project that anybody can do to augment their own home security system. Everybody feels a little bit safer when opening the door if they can look beforehand and see who it is. So, take a little bit of time, dust off the power tools, and start improving your home today.