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Hayman MVGS MagnaVault Gun Safe Video

Hi, Dye Hawley, Dye the Safe Guy here with Safe & Vault to talk about the flagship gun safe line from Hayman Safe company. Man, I get excited about this safe. They make it in two sizes right now - 60" H x 32" W x 21" D and they make a 66" H x 36" W x 26" D. Here is why I am excited about this safe. It comes standard with a UL High-Security Type 1 digital lock with a light that lights it up. Let's take a look on the inside here.

These safes have almost a combined 1/2" of steel in the door. Then they have a layer of concrete in between those two layers of steel. They don't use drywall like 95% of the other safes on the market. Hayman has also put in 12 bolts. One on top, one on the bottom on this one and five on each side of the door. The other nice feature is this safe is rated RSC by Underwriters Laboratory and it has 105-minute fire rating (almost 2 hours).

Let's take a look at the features that this safe has that hardly any other safe on the market has that comes standard on it. You have a Premium Door Organizer and you have a mirrored back. In addition, there is a LED light that comes on when you open the door and then goes off when you close it. Furthermore, under here you'll see there is an electronic outlet for dehumidifiers or any other device you want to plugin and a USB port as well for computers or phones for charging.

The Hayman MagnaVault Gun Safe has a wide variety of adjustable shelves. It even has slots back here for black powder weapons that are a little bit longer. All of these shelves are removable and adjustable. The other nice feature is that this safe has 2 long guns that you can put in the door organizer in addition to the gun slots you see here. Standard are factory-installed anchor holes - there are 4 in the floor of this safe to securely anchor your safe into concrete or wood floors.

Why do you think I'm so excited about 2" of concrete matrix material on all 6 sides of this safe. Because the Hayman Safe has been engineered where they weld two layers of steel together and then they pour in semi-liquid form this concrete material which is an aggregate matrix with different proprietary materials in it. So if somebody is trying to break into this safe, and they get through the outer later of steel, they're going to hit with a drill bit that concrete. It's going to dull that drill bit or any device that they are using.

Then they're going to have to switch to a concrete bit. The concrete bit is going to hit the other material that's in the concrete and dull it. Not only being an affordable price for a premier gun safe, but these safes are backed up by the Hayman Safe Company.

Almost 50 years in the safe business. One of the top 4 or 5 companies out there. So when you're making a decision for a higher-end gun safe, take a good look at the Hayman MagnaVault GS. This is Dye the Safe Guy, Dye Hawley signing off. Thank you for listening. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800-207-2259 or go to our website at