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Home Invasions - What To Do

Roughly 20% of American households suffer a home property crime each year. Unfortunately for the unlucky few, some of these home invasions occur while the home is occupied. If this happened to you would you know what to do? Are you prepared to defend your home and family if someone discovers you are home and becomes violent? Don’t live your life in panic, and if guns aren’t your thing there are several options available to you.

Prevention = Great Defense

They say the key to a good football game is a great defense. You want to prevent the burglar from scoring your property or even worse your life. Start by examining points of entry. Reinforce your doors with solid steel and un-breakable glass. Most break-ins happen through the doors of the home. Examine your easiest entry points into your home and fortify them to prevent anyone from gaining easy access even when they are locked.  If you have a car with a remote panic button keep this by your bed. When you hear an intruder, hit the panic button. Chances are they won’t stick around.

Map Out Your Offense

Its 2AM, and your dog just woke you up. It heard a noise coming from downstairs. (Now’s the perfect time to own a pit bull, or Doberman.) If you own a fluff pillow dog, or anything that fits in your purse then poor old Fido won’t be able to help you. Be silent; try your best not to panic. Take big deep breaths. Listen for clues that will give you as much information as possible to help the authorities. Is there more than one person? Do you hear anything that might indicate they have a weapon? Can you get to your kids and get to a safe room?  All of this is very important information to gather in split seconds. If you have a Doberman then now might also be a good time to tell it to ATTACK!

Safety is the Best Option

It sounds cliché but in this situation, the very best thing you can do is grab your family as quickly as possible and barricade yourselves in a safe room. Block the door with furniture, lock it and hide in the closet. Be as quiet as possible and let the burglar ransack your house. It won’t be easy to listen to but at least you will be safe. 90% of the time they don’t want you, they want your stuff. Make sure the room has a phone so you can call the police and tell them what is happening.

Unfortunate Encounter

If you happen to come face to face with the intruder their intent will become clear in a matter of seconds. Try to remain calm and act as if you are compliant. Hold your hands up at shoulder level, palms out so that you appear compliant but remain defensive. You can strike easier this way as opposed to your hands being above your head. Try not to maintain eye contact for too long. Some people may receive this as a threat and will become agitated. Don’t tell them you have called the police. Offer to give them what they are after because your family should be more important than your material possessions. If you catch them off guard, strike. Don’t hesitate. Punch them in the throat as hard and as quickly as possible. Aim for the head area and don’t worry about causing pain; that’s the goal if you reach this point.


Experts say that if you own a firearm for the purpose of home protection then you should keep it in a quick access safe and loaded. Experts also say that you should be prepared to use the firearm if the situation calls for it. The worst thing a gun owner can do is be scared to pull the trigger when the time comes. If a gun is not the option for you there are less than lethal alternatives such as stun guns and pepper spray. The same rules apply to these options though. Keep them in a safe place away from children, and be prepared to use them without flinching when the time comes. If you find yourself in this ultimate worst-case scenario and you have just shot an intruder, immediately call the authorities and tell them what happened. Any information you can provide will help you in the long run. This should be your last decision and only used if you or your family is in immediate danger.

Following these simple ideas even if you know you will never have to be in this situation will help give you that peace of mind you deserve. Remember to remain calm and always chose prevention instead of violence.