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Are Hotel Safes Secure?

We’re always told that while traveling we should lock our valuables in the hotel safe, is this really a smart move? Hotel safes inevitably have some sort of backdoor access in case a patron loses the key or forgets the combination which immediately compromises the actual safety of your valuables. An ‘inside job’ is always a possibility, especially in hotels without a reputation to uphold. Here we’ll look at some ways to check the security of your hotel safe as well as some viable alternatives to keeping your valuables safe while traveling.

Whether or not you decide to keep your valuables in the hotel safe is usually a judgement call that can be difficult to make. It’s not always an easy task to sum up the integrity of the hotel staff. In general your valuables are going to be safer if you are staying in a hotel with a positive reputation and good reviews. One of the great perks of the modern world is that the unsatisfied cannot be easily silenced thanks to the freedom of the internet. Do a little bit of digging and get the scoop on where you’re staying. Often times the security of your valuables is going to be more dependent on the hotel and not as much on the hotel safe. Alternative Options One interesting idea that can make for a good solution to the uneasy feeling about the security of your hotel safe is an external safe lock. This is essentially a device that can attach to the outside of your safe and act as an additional lock that will only be openable by you. This, however, is not the cheapest option available (though usually less than $100). This is a good fix if you travel a lot, carry important valuables, or you have had items stolen by hotel staff before. Another good fix is using a travel ‘safe’. These are usually slashproof canvas bags that  you can secure to a permanent fixture inside your hotel with a cable. While this might not be the best and most secure solution available you’d be surprised at the lack of tenacity to be found in petty thieves. Usually a little bit of resistance is enough to deter a potential thief. This a much cheaper option than the external safe lock (usually less than $20) and is also a light and mobile option that you can use anywhere. Additionally, some hotels will have safety deposit boxes available for use that are usually going to be much more secure than a hotel safe. At the very least there’s a bit more accountability on the hotel’s part. If there’s no safety deposit box it’s also possible to keep some valuables at the front desk. Though at first this might not seem to change anything there’s going to be an accountable human always in charge and possibly cameras and other security as well.