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How to Remove Your Safe Door - Dye the Safe Guy


Hi, Dye, The Safe Guy here today to talk to you about how to remove a door from safe. Why would you want to do that? We have a lot of do it yourself customers, and generally speaking, on a safe that's up to 500 pounds, maybe a little more, six, seven, 800 pounds, if you're a person that has some friends with strong backs, you could probably do the delivery inside of your house, after the safe is delivered to the curbside.

This here is a Hayman safe that weighs about 230 pounds. General rule of thumb on safe doors, is they weigh one third of the safe weight. So this door is approximately 65 pounds. I'm 66 years old, I can still get the door off by myself.

Safe doors are made in two parts. The top hinge is welded to the door. The bottom hinge is welded to the body. There's a pin that fills in between here, where they have machine holes that holds each hinge on, and then these bolts of course go behind the mainframe. So if they do cut the hinges off, they can't get the door open.

So in order to remove a door from a 230 pounds safe or even a larger safe, you have to just move it to a 90 degree angle and then you lift it straight up. As you see here, it comes out and there's the pin. You see that pin? Okay, there's one on the bottom. And when you're done, you put the door back on.

Now why is this a good thing to do? You lighten the load by one third. You set the door aside and then you and your buddy, hopefully you have rented a dolly at U-Haul or Home Depot, then you take the body, which weighs at this time about 140 pounds or 150 pounds, and you can handle that much easier.


In just a minute here, I'm going to show you how to do it with say, a 900 pound safe. Okay, so here is a much larger safe, about four times heavier. This is an American Security CSC4520. It weighs right at 900 pounds, just below a half ton. As you can see, the hinges are two piece hinges, as they are on all burglar, fire safes with external hinges. There's a top and a bottom hinge, part of the hinge, as you can see.

So again, we open the door to 90 degrees, and we're going to lift it straight up. This door is 300 pounds, the body is 600 pounds. For our do it yourself friends, we recommend that you rent from a national rental company, a commercial rental firm like United Rentals, a jib, this is called a jib. There's another bar that I don't have here, it's similar, it's called a Johnson bar.

The purpose of these is you put a two by four or a four by four on them, whatever it takes, and you use this, you and your two buddies, use this with fulcrum leverage. Basically, one guy pulls up on it, it lifts it off, separates the two halves. Two guys are standing, one here, one there, they're holding the 300-pound door, 150 pounds per guy. And then they take it off and set it aside.

Then you can move the body, which is the remaining 600 pounds. So our DIY friends, we love the people that buy from us, we sell over 6000 safes a year, and a lot of people want to do it themselves, but we want to tell you, we recommend that you hire a professional safe installation company. Sure, it's going to cost three, four, 500 bucks. I understand that DIY as a way to save money, but we want to recommend still that you hire a professional.

However, if you want to do it yourself, we hope this video has been informative. Any other questions, give us a call at 800-207-2259. This is Dye, The Safe Guy saying thanks for viewing.