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Let's Take a Look at Winchester Gun Safes

Let's Take a Look at Winchester Gun Safes

Over 100 years of manufacturing experience to the safe industry

Winchester has had their hand in the security market since they were founded in 1866 and began manufacturing quality firearms that would later become a reference point of reliability and quality all over the world. In 1991, Winchester brought over 100 years of manufacturing experience to the safe industry and has been furthering their expertise in home security ever since. Their safes are designed to protect more than just firearms. They are built to protect all your valuable possessions as well as your memories.

As Winchester states on their website; “We put everything we have into our products so you can feel secure with everything you lock inside” and we believe it shows in the quality of their products.

They’ve Got the Perfect Safe for You!

Winchester offers a wide range of gun safes to fit your needs and they’re all available at They have models small enough to fit in your closet while still offering security and fire protection for your valuables as well as models large enough to store up to 54 long guns plus accessories for the serious collector! They have offerings across a wide range of budgets and with a variety of fire and burglar ratings. All Winchester gun safes are CDOJ approved for storage of firearms and many models carry UL RSC burglar ratings, giving you peace of mind and helping you sleep at night knowing your valuables are secure.

Bandit Series Gun Safes

The Bandit Series gun safes from Winchester come in 5 sizes, ranging from 10-gun to 38-gun capacity, have 45-minute fire ratings tested at 1400º F, and are approved by the CDOJ for storage of firearms. They all come standard with a high-quality door organizer giving you a convenient and quickly accessible place to store handguns and other possessions you may use regularly such as passports, birth certificates, etc. All models in this range except for the smallest Bandit-9 have user-configurable interiors allowing you to use the entire safe for rifles, or you can use the included adjustable shelves to allow for greater miscellaneous storage capacity. All Winchester Bandit safes have a full-width top shelf and can be purchased with either an S&G digital lock or an S&G dial combination lock. The Bandit Series is perfect if you’re looking for above-base-level protection on a budget.

Ranger Series Gun Safes

Moving up the line, we’ve come to the Ranger Bandit Series gun safes. Offered in 4 sizes, these safes have long gun capacities ranging from 28 in the Ranger 26 and up to 68 long guns in the Ranger 54! These safes have UL RSC burglar ratings and additional 1” chrome locking blots on both the top and bottom of the door. The body is constructed from a thicker 12 Ga steel with additional layers of UL-rated fireboard that give this safe a 60-minute fire rating tested at 1400º F. You can configure these with either an EMP-resistant S&G Electronic lock or an S&G dial combination and you can choose between gunmetal grey or a black finish. This series sports the same high-quality configurable interior and door organizers as the Bandit Series and includes the addition of an internal power outlet, which combined with the UL RSC burglar rating makes them a great option for the serious firearms collector.  

Big Daddy Series Gun Safes

Next up is the appropriately named Big Daddy Series from Winchester, offered in three sizes to fit your needs. The smallest in this line, the Slim Daddy, has the capacity for up to 30 long guns. The largest, the Big Daddy XLT can store a whopping 56 long guns! These safes all come standard with 75-minute fire ratings and UL RSC burglar ratings. The body is constructed with 12 ga steel and UL-approved fireboard. The Big Daddy series has more, larger chrome locking bolts than the Ranger series, measuring 1.25” for ultimate protection against pry attacks on the door. The interior of this safe is set up similarly to other models from Winchester, with the addition of an installed light kit and a 2 outlet, 2 USB power-strip for running a dehumidifier rod, or charging laptops. Configurable with a dial or electronic lock and available in either gunmetal grey or black.


Big Daddy Series Gun Safes

Treasury Series Gun Safes

The Treasury Series from Winchester builds on the already great Big Daddy series. Both models in this series come standard with upgraded 10ga steel bodies and extra-large 1.5” diameter chrome locking bolts. This series has the UL RSC burglar rating and exceeds the CDOJ requirements for the storage of firearms in California. It also sports a 90-minute fire rating which gives your collection a standing chance in a devastating house fire. The Treasury Series has an upgraded welted pinot interior while still including all the features of the big daddy series. These can be configured with either an S&G dial or electronic lock and finished in gunmetal grey or black.


Winchester Treasury Gun Safes

Silverado Series Gun Safes

If you’re looking for top-notch fire protection, you should consider nothing less than the Silverado Series from Winchester Safes. This series has a 2-hour fire rating tested at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can withstand a serious house fire. These ship with the same lock, color options and interior as other models but include a premium 5-spoke handle to complete the look.


Winchester Ranger Gun Safes

Legacy Series Gun Safes

The Legacy Series gun safes from Winchester are a leap and a bound above most other gun safes in terms of both fire and burglary protection. The Legacy series boasts a 2 ½ hour fire rating tested at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit which is almost unheard of in the world of gun safes. It exceeds the CDOJ requirements for the storage of firearms and has a UL RSC burglar rating which means you can rest easy at night knowing your valuables are safe. These safe bodies are constructed with 10ga steel and use massive 2” wide diameter chromed locking bolts, which are larger than those used in most top-of-the-line models from other manufacturers. All these security features combined with the premium customizable interior make the Legacy Series gun safe from Winchester an incredible value worth your consideration if you need the best protection from both fire and burglary.

Legacy Series Gun Safes

Why Choose Winchester Gun Safes?

Winchester has applied their extensive knowledge in manufacturing to create world class gun safes to fit any budget. They offer limited lifetime warranties on their products as well as a lifetime replacement guarantee in the event of a fire or attempted burglary.

Whether you’re looking for the best protection possible on a budget, or you’re looking for a no-compromises solution to secure your collection of valuables, Winchester safes should be a serious consideration.