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Product Overview: First Alert DWS-471 Wireless Security System

In the security industry, the term practically goes hand in hand with surveillance. There is a reason why the terms “security camera” and “surveillance monitor” are interchangeable. So if you are looking at making your home more secure for you and your family, you probably need a lot more than just a shotgun and a good safe to keep it in. A camera can give you precisely the peace of mind you need. Now, we have many great cameras and monitors in our stock here, but one of the best, in our opinion, is the DWS-471 model from First Alert.  

Perks and Features The DWS-471 is one of the latest and greatest of the high-definition security systems which have been surging onto the market in recent years. Though it was released in 2012, this security system still boasts many of the greatest aspects you can expect from any of the top dollar systems released in later years. This system was made with the needs of the home as well as any small businesses that need to protect their assets with great technology and great affordability.

Camera. The package comes with everything you will need to get your building fortified against robbers and other unsavory guests. The kit comes equipped with one DWC-400 camera, which is outfitted with a number of features you can expect from any modern day camera along with several advanced features to make it even more effective. The camera is capable of 2x digital zoom that can be operated manually or automatically as well as night vision. The camera is kept connected to the central monitor through a wireless connection that extends to a maximum of five hundred feet. But the most impressive feature comes in the form of motion detecting technology, which fixes the camera directly onto anything that makes movement.

Monitor. The kit also comes with a seven-inch monitor that fuses your entire security system into a single portable unit. The small unit makes it perfect for hiding in your drawers or even in a small portable safe under the bed. The monitor is capable of supporting up to four cameras at a time, making expanding from your basic single camera possible and easy. The monitor is also capable of giving you feeds from all four cameras at once. The monitor also comes with a 4GB SD memory card automatically so that you can store any footage and easily play it back on any regular computer screen.

Put Them Together. The cameras and monitor are fused across a wireless network with a five hundred foot range without any interference, making it ideal for home and business use alike. The kit features audio surveillance in addition to the basic high-definition feed and works in dark as well as light conditions. Both camera and monitor are as durable as they are powerful and require no tampering with the electric system since they use a wireless network to stay connected. All of these items are available here for only $301.00 with no shipping attached.

Contact Us Indeed, the DWS-471 system is likely to be one of the best deals you can find and here at We love giving you all of the best tech for the smallest prices. Feel free to contact us at 800-207-2259 to ask about any of our products in stock or to ask questions about the latest trends in safety and security. Until next week: stay safe.