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Safe Overview: First Alert 2070AF

When it comes to security there’s nothing better than concealment to bolster the protection of your valuables. For this reason wall and floor safes have become very popular and are a great option for upping the security of your home or business. Here we’ll look at a wall safe produced by First Alert with a few unique features and a great reputation for quality and security.


One thing that sets apart this wall safe from others among the same class is the 2070AF’s ability to expand creating additional room for storage and more flexibility in where it can be installed. The depth of this safe can be expanded from 3 inches to 6 inches if you have the available wall space to accommodate it. This wall safe is manufactured with heavy duty welded steel with a width designed for standard stud placement. Additionally this safe comes with a 5 year warranty and a highly trusted brand name to back it up.

Dimensions Outside: 22.00” H x 15.12” W x 3.38 - 7.13” D

Inside: 19.75” H x 12.88” D x 2.25 - 6.00” D

Interior: 0.33 - 0.85 Cubic Feet

Weight: 35.85 lbs

Security Overview:

While concealment might be its biggest perk the First Alert 2070AF wall safe has a few nice additional security features that are worth noting. Firstly it comes with concealed pry-resistant hinges and 2 live locking door bolts. Additionally, it comes with a programmable digital lock with an emergency manual override key. Finally, the First Alert 2070AF comes with mounting hardware to keep it in place, Additional Features The First Alert 2070AF comes with a few nice additional features that are worth noting. While these might not be especially important for the security of your valuables they can make the experience of using it a bit more comfortable. This wall safe comes with an interior light, adjustable shelving, mounting hardware, and a 5 year warranty as previously mentioned.

Conclusion While this safe doesn’t boast the thickest walls in the business or the most advanced security features it fits a special niche among wall safes for being expandable and quite affordable for what it has to offer. Depending on what valuables you plan to store it could be the perfect safe for you and with the additional option of concealment, it can be quite effective in keeping your valuables safe and out of sight. Important to note as well is that it comes from a reputable company and has a strong reputation for being well built and providing exactly what is advertised.