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Gun Lockers for Rural Homes

One common question we get here at Safe & Vault Store is: What type of people need to buy a gun locker? It’s not as if everybody that owns a gun has more than one or two. In a way, this is very much true. The people who require a gun locker are those who own multiple weapons. But the number of people who fall into this category is much larger than you might think. Yes, there are gun enthusiasts in the United States. You just need to look at organizations like the NRA to see that. However, owners with multiple guns also fall into one other category we might not usually think of rural households.

Farmers and Ranchers? Really?

The most recent study in the concentration of guns relative to the population shows that rural states have more guns per capita than more developed states; this means that farmers and ranchers are likely to be the largest demographic to require a gun locker in their home. Let’s examine the reasons by looking at the most popular states for guns: Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana. Oddly enough, these three states have quite a lot in common. The state economy in all three relies dominantly on agriculture and tourism as well as natural gas and oil. In short, the land itself is what makes each state profitable, rather than the corporations that build their skyscrapers. What all this adds up to is that there are large, wide-open spaces almost completely bereft of large cities.

Pastimes and Protection

Wide-open spaces translate to natural resources—of course, we’re including animals in this. So this brings up the first point when it comes to gun lockers: Ranchers require multiple weapons not just for their own protection but also for sporting. Hunting is an extremely popular pastime in all three states.

Any experienced hunter will also tell you that different guns are good for different kinds of prey. A gun locker is the perfect place to keep those important weapons safe. But there is another reason why so many guns can be found in these rural and empty places, and this reason is far grimmer. As a rancher, there will most likely be a time when you have to protect your home against bandits, wild dogs, and other things that can threaten your property.

It is also unlikely you run hundreds of acres all by yourself; most ranchers have a hired hand or two. If this is the case, you need a centralized place where you and your help have access to the guns. The locker can be exactly the place you need. So it should be fairly clear by now why rural folks tend to be the biggest buyers for gun lockers. With the number of weapons readily available to each individual, the requirement for a gun locker is more prevalent in rural states than anywhere else. With centralized control and plenty of space, you’ll find that a good locker can keep your guns safe and within easy access.

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