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Safe Overview: Gardall LC1414-G-C

One interesting safe that deserves a little spotlight is the Gardall LC1414-G-C. This is a ‘cute’ little utility safe that might just fit the niche you need. The idea of a utility safe is quickly becoming a popular design with a lot of diverse applications. While this safe may not be the biggest or strongest out there it’s got a solid build and a lot of utility. Here we’ll look at some of the basic specifications as well as some of the different ways one can use a small utility safe.

Dimensions Outside: 14.00” H x 14.00” W x 14.00” D

Inside: 13.50” H x 13.50” W x 11.00” D

Interior Cubic Feet: 1.16

Weight: 61.00 lbs

Overview As you can see this is not a large safe. It is light though which makes it relatively mobile when compared to some of the bigger safes out there. The basic design was intended for use in walls, car trunks, RVs, or anywhere else you can think of it will probably be able to fit. One interesting bonus to this safe that adds some additional utility is the fact that the door can be swapped with many other Gardall safes. This means that you can opt for a higher security facade if you desire. Additionally it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and an adjustable shelf for the inside. Security Features While security isn’t the main focus of this safe it still does alright for its size and weight. The security rating for the Gardall LC1414-G-C is B rating. While this might not sound like much it is still a step above a residential security container rating (RSC). The basic guidelines for a B rating is a ½ inch steel door and ? inch steel walls. This means it should stand up to brute force attacks from amateur criminals but won’t be able to withstand serious drilling or scoping attacks from experienced thieves. This safe comes with a rotary combination lock which can be upgraded to a digital lock for a small additional fee. The rotary combination lock has an automatic re locking mechanism as well. Previously mentioned but important to reiterate is the pre drilled mounting holes. With such a light safe it’s very important to anchor it and in doing so you can really up the security. Uses We looked at a few different uses but it is worth mentioning again as the utility and myriad of potential uses is what really makes this safe shine. The small size and light weight gives you a lot of great options for where to keep and how to use it. It’s possible to lock it down in your home or throw it in the trunk of your car when you are on the move. The possibilities are limitless. How would you use a utility safe like the Gardall LC1414-G-C?