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Does a Student Need a Safe?

Students are often overlooked or ignored when it comes to safes. People don’t realize what expensive items students have—they may not own jewels or have home deeds but have you seen how much computers cost nowadays? Or phones and iPods? Those items alone are well worth the cost of protecting them. And what’s more, most students aren’t lucky enough to live in a home secured with proper alarms and anti-burglary devices but rather live in dorms, dorm-style apartments or low-rent apartments near campus.

Especially in the case of dorms, rooms may not have proper locks on them and the effective control of who has access to the dorm may not be done well. I know when I was in college we had key card entry to our dorm—this seems quite secure, right?—but many people just propped open the door to let anyone nearby in. My room did have a lock and key but who knows who else had access to a master key or an additional key to my room. 

Students should get in the practice early of protecting their important belongings not only because it would be a shame to have them stolen, but also to develop habits that will be with them for a lifetime. Safe use will cut down on instances of theft (which is usually opportunistic and relies on important items being left in the open) whether on a college campus or in a first apartment. For those of you with limited space, Safe and Vault Store has specialty, small-size safes that are perfect for college dorm rooms.

Check out these affordable laptop safes and see if they wouldn’t be perfect for your student’s valuables while away at school.