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How to Store Collectible Guitars?

How to Store Collectible Guitars?


Are you a seasoned collector of guitars and other musical instruments?

Are you wondering how to keep your instruments in top condition? A fair number of your guitars you’ll likely want to hang on the walls of your home – what’s the point of having a collection if you aren’t going to show it off, after all! For those guitars or other instruments that you are going to put away, there are a few things you should be aware of. The most important part of storing a musical instrument is making sure that the temperature of the storage unit. The temperature should be mild, not too humid, and climate-controlled if possible.

Make sure whichever room you store your instruments in stays between 50 and 80 degrees. Extra Space, a storage website, has some tips and suggestions for properly storing your instrument:

• Properly prepare instruments for storage, cleaning and conditioning them with paste wax for wood, resin, etc. Never use an oil-based polish or alcohol on wood instruments. Disassemble parts, remove reeds, mouthpieces, mutes and straps, and relax strings

• Whenever possible, store instruments in cases designed for them. Cases should be in good condition – clean, with no fraying or powdering. If a case is not in great condition, line it with buffered acid-free paper (available for purchase at music stores). Inside the case, drape a clean cloth over strings. For additional protection against humidity, after placing the instrument in the case, place the case in a polyethylene bag.

• After storing musical instruments for a lengthy period, be sure to clean and tune them before playing We suggest that if you have a particularly valuable guitar, it is prudent to store your guitar in a safe.

At we have custom safesthat we would recommend to anyone with a priceless object, or you can purchase a safe with a large enough interior to fit the dimensions of your guitar. We hope this has helped you understand how important is to take care of your valuables – even ones that come in different shapes and sizes!

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