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Store your Firearms in a Gun Safe

Many fatal firearm accidents and suicides occur when children and teenagers discover guns at home that have been left loaded and not secured in a gun safe. While over 22 million children live in households that have at least one gun, keeping a firearm in the home is a serious decision and one that should not be made lightly. Even households that do not have children should be aware that a relative, loved one or friend could discover a loaded firearm when visiting.

Some ways to prevent that are:

  • Safe storage of guns in a gun safe.
  • Taking qualified gun safety courses for you and your children.

There are the two most effective ways to prevent a gun accident. Gun safes can range in price from an inexpensive handgun safes, up to deluxe rifle safe models. These safes can be expanded to hold up to 55 rifles for those who love to collect guns, hunt or trap shoot. An added benefit to these gun safes is insurability of the guns as well. The amount of insurance for each safe depends on the rating of the safe. The bottom line is that even one death by a firearm is too many, and it fuels anti-gun sentiments.

Guns are a pleasurable activity and offer protection to a family if used with responsibility and common sense. Be sure and sign you and your children up for a qualified NRA or recognized Gun Safety Course AND secure your guns in a gun safe. It's only common sense and will ensure that you and your loved ones will avoid a gun accident. If you're not sure which gun safe to get, please call one of our safe experts at 800-207-2259. They can help you narrow down the options and pick one that will prevent a gun accident in your home.