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Expert Advice on Safes and Vault Doors

Today's small business owners and managers often underestimate the need for a depository safe since they do not feel as though they are dealing daily with a large amount of cash funds. 
A robbery is one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes committed in the United States today. A robber commits a holdup because he or she believes that their profit will be worth the risk. Statistics show that criminal activity is increasing at an alarming rate especially armed robbery. Each year, thousands of people are victims of this crime and many are attacked violently. Using these tips, you can help reduce the possibility of retail store armed robbery and protect the safety of employees and customers.
Deposit safes are an important tool in protecting your cash from thieves and even from employees thinking about stealing money from your company. It can be hard to decide which one is right for you because they come in different sizes, have different types of money drops, and have several lock options to choose from. Depository safes are used for "short term" storage of cash until a bank deposit can be made because these safes provide minimal burglary resistance. They have access portals (holes) in them to deposit money and other items of value.
A news article from the University of Florida shows that employee theft tops the list of what businesses call "inventory shrinkage." Employee theft beat out shoplifting as the primary reason for business inventory losses. It goes on to state that businesses lose nearly $26 billion each year due to inventory shrinkage.
Earning money takes one a lot of hard work, time and effort. For this reason, protecting one's money is very important to both home owners and businesses, alike. There is no better way to protect this money than by keeping it securely locked inside a depository safe. These safes are a valuable asset to any business, whether that business is large or small.