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AMSEC BWB3020FL Wide Body Deposit Safe with Dye the Safe Guy


Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here to talk about one of our most popular front loading deposit safes, the American Security BWB3020FL. This safe is 39 3/4 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Weighs about 278 pounds. This one has a dial combination lock on it, but you can get it with a digital lock for about another $100 approximately. It also has a very large drop. This is one of the largest drops in the market. It's 4 x 9 x 11 1/2 inches, so you can drop a much larger bag down this or deposit bag than the competition. American Security also uses a three way bolt work system, so not only do you have the stationary bolts, but you have a top bolt, a bottom bolt, and the outside bolts here. Some safe products don't have the top and bottom bolts. This makes this door far more secure. Another nice handy feature that they thought about is rolled coins.

When you're in a point of sale business and you're running out of quarters, dimes, nickels, it's nice to have a convenient little storage place right there in the door, so they've thought about everything. Another nice thing is this keyed locker on the interior, so all your big money goes down into this keyed locker, stays away from anyone else except for owners or managers who are going to do the bank deposit the following morning. So separating the big money up here from the other money down here is a great design feature. Another great feature about the AMSEC BWB3020FL is it has two adjustable shelves, as you see here. They can be moved up and down in this lower compartment or just taken out all together if you don't need them.

Most of our customers use this area to store cash trays from their cash registers. So if you have two or three hundred dollars of startup cash, at the end of the day, you can put it in each of your drawers and store five, six, possibly a few more depending on the height of your cash trays. The money down here is going to be far less than the money up here, so people that have access down here are not going to have access to the large money on the top drop area. Another great feature the AMSEC engineers have built into this safe is an anti-fish baffle, where there's a serrated edge on the end of this drop and there's also one inside the teller locker. This prevents anybody from using wire and some sticky material to try and fish the money out of your teller locker down below.

Once again, thanks for viewing our video on the BWB3020FL by American Security. If you have any other questions, just go to our website at This is Dye the Safe Guy saying goodbye for this time.