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Transporting a Heavy Safe

For the purposes of increased security and larger storage space, home safes can often be of an unwieldy weight and mass. This can make moving a safe from one location to another quite a challenging task. Luckily, home safes will spend most of their time in one locale; but, when the time arises to transport your home safe here are some quick tips to do so safely and without injury. It may be easier to consult a professional moving service but also may be possible to do it yourself with the help of some friends and the right equipment and knowhow.

Preparation The first step to moving your safe will be to create a plan and assess the challenges ahead of you. Stairs, inclines, and other obstacles need to be noted and planned for. Where you are moving your safe to, whether another location in your house or out to a truck, will require very different strategies. Begin by clearing a path and taking measurements for doorways and other obstacles in your path. If you plan to move it by vehicle it is important to know the weight of your safe as well as the carrying capacity of the vehicle and plan a means for raising the safe into the vehicle. Next, you will empty the safe of all its contents before you start moving it. If possible, it is also best to remove the door of the safe. A lot of time the safe door will be proportionally heavier than the other parts of the safe and relatively easy to remove. Some fireproof safes include walls of sheetrock that can also be easily removed to lessen the weight of the safe for the purpose of moving. Moving It Moving the safe can often be done with simple tools. A common method is to use steel pipes or rods to roll your safe with relative ease. You will also need a method of getting your safe onto the track of pipes. This can be accomplished with wooden shims inserted under the safe and sheer manpower to tilt the safe up. This method may not be as effective on thick carpets. If available, a hydraulic hard cart will always make the job easier. Safety The cardinal rule for safely transporting your safe up and down stairs or raising it onto a truck is that everyone involved should always have a clear place to jump to should the safe topple. Always have a well thought out plan for any emergency situations that should arise. Moving a large home safe is no easy task and can be quite dangerous if you don’t have the proper preparation and tools to do it safely.