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Can You Crack a Safe Using Only Water (Mythbusters Edition)

Are you guys MythBusters fans?

I know I am! I seriously love Adam and Jaime and all the crazy stuff they come up with to test. For those of you who don't know much about it - Mythbusters is a Discovery Channel show wherein two Hollywood industry types debunk some common Hollywood myths. For example, they've shown us how those big car explosions so common in films is really quite unlikely to result from shooting a car. Instead, Hollywood uses highly explosive gasoline as an accelerant and a remote lighter to get those big BOOMS!

Well, Adam and Jaime (with the help of their sidekicks Cary, Tory and Grant) love nothing more than testing our gun, safe, and jail myths. Today I’d like to introduce you to all the wonder that is Mythbusters with this awesome video of the guy trying to figure out if you can “crack a safe using only water?”