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Keep Your Valuables Safe With A Burglary Fire Safe

There are some possessions that are irreplaceable, for that reason we take every precaution to protect these items. To that end many have found it beneficial to purchase a burglar fire safe to preserve their valuables. Burglar fire safes are a hybrid type safe. They are designed in such a way that they can provide protection from fire, and at the same time prevent thief of the items in them. To help protect your documents and other valuables from fire and smoke damage each of these safes are equipped with a number of special features. These safes have been built with metal walls that are at least 1 inch thick. The interiors of these safes are designed to protect it from the outside environment, so that an increase in temperature outside the safe does not affect, or damage your heat sensitive valuables that are stored inside the safe.

This is accomplished through insulation in the walls and smoke seals around the door that expand in case of a fire. Each safe receives a UL class fire rating, which is determined based on the amount of time a safe can protect its contents from fire and heat. In order to determine the fire rating for each safe, the safe is placed in a furnace and then raised to the required temperature, for example 1500F. after which time the furnace is turned off and the safe is allowed to cool in the unopened furnace for up to 68 hours until a significant decrease in the internal temperature is noted. Only products that pass this test, and are able to keep the internal temperature and humidity levels below the test limits during the entire heating and cooling processes are awarded this UL class fire rating. After this test the safe is open and examined to see if its contents are still in usable conditions. The safes walls are then tested for any evidence of humidity or heat damage. It should be noted that these safes not are fireproof but are fire-resistant.

Therefore while these safes will protect paper money, documents, and anything that is made of hard metal, they will not protect CDs DVDs or other data storage devices. The best rule of thumb is to purchase a safe that is rated for at least one hour of fire protection. When it comes to being burglary resistant these safes are run through a barrage of test to determine the safes resistance to tampering and thief. These safes are graded based on their ability to withstand drilling. They are equipped with a steel hard plate to protect the locks. Another thief protection feature is vertical and horizontal bolts designed to resist prying. Most comes with pre-drilled anchor holes to safely anchor the safe to the floor be it in concrete or wood. When it comes to protecting your valuables, your important documents, and your photos there is no price that is too much to pay. Remember that when it comes to safes you will only get what you pay for and nothing more. Do your research and be sure to find the burglar fire safe that best suits your needs.