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Vehicle Lock Boxes

For the man or woman that spends a lot of time on the road there is a unique option for keeping your valuables safe in any vehicle you use. Vehicle lock boxes are a pretty cool innovation that let you secure a small removable lock box in your car, truck, RV, or basically anywhere. In case you’re wondering, yes, it is different from buying a lockbox and keeping it in your car. The basic idea is a lock box that slips into a sleeve that is secured in your vehicle which can be removed and resecured at your discretion. You can even mount multiple sleeves in different locations and move the lock box between locations. Here we’ll look at some more details and just what makes this such a cool innovation.

What makes this so special?

This is a fairly new innovation that has finally made its way from law enforcement and government use to the normal people like us. In terms of security, it’s nothing too special but enough of a deterrent to likely keep your valuables safe from anything but a determined and targeted thief. At the very least it’s better than your glove box and offers about the same amount of security that you would find in a high end lock box that is anchored to your vehicle. It’s the ability to remove and re-secure this lockbox in different sleeves that sets it apart from the already sparse options available for portable vehicle security.

Size and Materials

While there may be a number of different models and brands available they all typically come in a standard size about that of a small briefcase. In some vehicles, mainly trucks, this may even be able to fit snugly into the center console. Materials may also vary between brands and models but some variation of carbon or stainless steel is going to be the most common. This lock box uses a standard key locking mechanism though hopefully in the future as these catch on in popularity we may see more sophisticated options available. Ultimately it’s the portability that makes this an interesting option to secure your valuables. Imagine having one sleeve installed in your office, one in your home, and one in your car and being able to move and secure this lock box between different locations with ease. There’s nothing else quite like and though it’s a relatively new innovation it should be catching on in the coming years and may just become a mainstay of portable security.