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What is the UL? Why is it important

Whenever we talk about safe rankings and ratings here at Safe and Vault Store, we inevitably talk about the UL or the Underwriters Laboratories. But, what exactly is the UL and how does it come up with ratings for safes and vaults? The UL is a safety consulting and certification company that is headquartered out of the United States but works in countries all across the world. The UL uses cutting edge testing techniques to test, inspect, audit, and train products and companies for optimal safety. The UL is composed of five business units that specialize in different areas of testing and ratings including product safety, verification services, life & health, knowledge services, and environment. We primarily deal with product safety testers and proudly displace UL ratings on our very best safes!


If you are interested in checking out a full explanation of burglar safe ratings, check out our website. We’ve also compiled a well-explained list of fire-safety ratings. All these numbers and figures can be fairly complicated, so we hope that we have been able to clarify all this a little for you so you are better able to understand and make smart buying decisions. We want you to feel empowered when you spend your money with us and education is the best way possible.