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What to do when your safe is delivered to your home

Delivery of your new safe is one of the final steps in the process of making your home or business more secure. As you prepare for the arrival of your new safe, knowing what to expect will make the process go smoother for you, the delivery agency and the Safe & Vault Store, your online supplier of leading safe brands. The process for having the safe delivered to your home may vary depending on the weight of the product and the arrangements you make with the carrier. If the package weighs 150 pounds or less, Safe & Vault Store will ship it via UPS, FedEx or another ground carrier.

You can have the package delivered to the front door of your home or business during normal business hours; there is no need to schedule an appointment in advance. Typically, you do not need to be present to sign for the package. Some shipments, however, may require a signature so check with Safe & Vault Store ahead of time. If the packaging or product are damaged upon delivery, immediately call Safe & Vault Store at 800-207-2259 so that a claim can be filed.

Receipt of a larger package – 151 to a couple of thousand pounds – is a little more complicated. First, you need to make arrangements with the freight carrier for when you want them to deliver the package. Common freight carriers include Conway, XPO, YRC, and USF Reddaway. After your package has arrived at the local terminal, the freight company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. In general, carriers will agree to a specific day and a four- to eight-hour window of availability, but they can't agree to an exact time.

The day of the appointment must be within three days of the safe arriving at the local terminal, or the freight company will charge storage fees. Most common carriers will deliver your package on a wood pallet curbside – or at the end of your driveway – unless you are willing to pay additional fees to have it brought into your garage (garage delivery) or home (white glove inside delivery).

You also may be charged extra fees to have the package delivered to a remote or limited-access location, such as camps; colleges and universities; mini storage units; schools; places of worship; and military bases. When your package is delivered via a freight carrier, you will need to be present to sign for the safe, unless you have a designated a representative to sign on your behalf.

Immediately upon delivery, visually inspect the packaging on your product for bends, tears, creases, abrasions and other damage before signing for it. Make note of any issues on the delivery receipt or bill of lading, which transfers the safe into your possession. If there is external damage, ask the driver if you can remove the packaging and inspect the actual product. Again, make notes of any problems and provide as many details as you can.

This step is critical because if you fail to note “even the most minor of scuff, scrape or tear” it relieves the freight company of responsibility for damage and the company will not honor any freight claim you file. If the product has minor damage, industry professionals recommend you still sign for the package – first noting the problems on the delivery receipt – and contact the Safe & Vault Store right away to acquire a paint touch-up kit.

You also can refuse to sign for the package if the safe or vault door has significant damage. If you do so, call Safe & Vault Store at 800-207-2259 to inform them you are refusing the package and why. If you plan to file a freight claim, keep the damaged packaging materials for inspection.

If you have any questions regarding shipping and delivery, please call us at 800-207-2259. We recommend you watch our video below on "How to Receive a Safe" before you purchase so you know what to do when your safe arrives. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh43eReyEYo