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What to look for in a biometric handgun safe

One of the biggest considerations gun owners face is where to safely store the weapon when it’s not in use. The majority of states and many municipalities have laws regulating how guns are stored. Failure to comply often exposes gun owners to legal penalties, especially if an accident happens.

Many handgun owners elect to store their weapons in a small handgun safe, as a way of keeping their pistol out of the wrong hands – whether a child or a thief. Pistol safes have traditionally featured a combination or digital lock. But in a stressful situation, such as a home invasion, punching in the right numbers quickly could potentially slow your response time. If your safe has the old school key lock, do you keep your key with you at all times? What happens if you lose your key, or you forget the combination? May we suggest the latest evolution in gun storage: the biometric gun safe.

Biometric Pistol Safes – How They Work

Biometric gun safes eliminate the slowdowns associated with accessing traditional pistol safes. They work by using your most unique identifier – your fingerprint – to open the safe. Simply swipe or place your finger on the keypad reader and the lock opens.   The fingerprint pistol safe capitalizes on biometric technology, which relies on unique human physical characteristics to authorize access.

The technology can scan faces or retinas, handwriting, or even your voice, to provide security to a building or vault. A fingerprint handgun safe reads the circles and whorls that make up your fingerprint and matches it against a pre-stored image in the safe’s computer. The characteristics that make up your fingerprint cannot be duplicated in any way, making the biometric small handgun safe the most accessible and secure on the market today.

Top-Rated Gun Safes Online

Safe & Vault Store features the top brands of biometric handgun safes for sale. We asked our experts to pick the best-rated fingerprint activated handgun safes on the market. Here are our top picks: 


You can program up to two fingerprints with two user code and key backups in case the batteries die. This is a quick, secure, easy-access safe, with steel construction and interior foam padding. It can easily mount to a flat surface and comes with all the hardware. This is a nice, lightweight safe that can store several handguns. Like the Sentry, there are multiple redundant backups for opening this safe in case of biometric failure. The Barska has very easy to program and activate and can store up to 30 individual fingerprints. Made of heavy steel yet lightweight at 25 lbs.

The average biometric safe has a false read rate of 1 in 3,000-5000. The Liberty is much more accurate at 1 in 100,000, making this one of the best in the industry. The safe is manufactured with heavy gauge steel and a reinforced latch. The unit has a five-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A. It was also approved by the California Department of Justice (CDOJ). These are just three examples of the best handgun safes featuring biometric technology on the market today.

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