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Where Should You Locate Your Safe

Next to buying your safe and installing it properly, figuring out the best place to locate it is the next most important decision you can make. There are several factors to consider:

1)     the size – a big safe can only go in so many places, and a small safe needs only a small area, but it should be inconspicuous like a closet or a pantry.

2)     Small safes need to be located in a space where you can bolt it either to the wall or to the floor.

3)     floor safes need to be located in a space where you can pull up the floor to access the safe—so your living room might not work, especially if it is carpeted. A good choice is in a closet.

4)     Wall safes need to be located in a portion of wall that’s been dry-walled so if you have concrete walls, look elsewhere. Most interior walls will be dry-walled. It should be located somewhere you can hang a painting to keep the seams out of sight. How did you decide where to locate your safe? Do you have any other considerations that we may have missed?