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Who Needs a Vault?

Having a vault in your home or business can be a very worthwhile investment. Besides the aesthetic perks of feeling like you’re in a Bond movie, having a vault can offer an incredible amount of storage as well as additional security for residential or commercial purposes. Installing a vault is quite a project though, so it may not be for everyone. It can be expensive and time-consuming so the question is: who really needs a vault? Here is a brief outline of the pros and cons of owning a vault as well as some lifestyles that may be better suited to a home or commercial vault.

The reality is that the home or commercial vault is not for everyone. It is an expensive and huge project. Needing a vault usually comes down to profession or very serious hobbyists.

Jewelers and Bankers

When it is your profession to store large quantities of valuables you may need a vault. This definitely applies in the commercial sense to jewelers, bankers, and potentially lawyers. When you have such high quantities of goods you can benefit greatly from the storage space that a vault can provide. In addition to the bonus storage space you get the added perk of security. While some smaller safes can be lifted out and cracked later at their convenience this same option does not exist for vaults. You should ideally pair your commercial vault with a security system but for the most part your valuables will be equally or more safe in a commercial vault than they would be in a safe.


If you are a serious hobbyist you may benefit greatly from having a home vault. It’s not uncommon for gun collectors to install a home vault to house their collection. This will only really be needed when you reach an amount of goods that cannot conveniently be fitted into one or two home safes. The item you’re collecting will only merit a vault if it’s either valuable or dangerous. Aside from gun collectors a home vault may be beneficial to antique collectors or art collectors. The key issue is the amount of space it requires. If you collect stamps you’ll probably be fine with a safe.

Large Valuables

When you need to keep something secure that is of an abstract and large size your only option may be a home or commercial vault. While it is possible to have custom manufactured safes it may be easier to install a vault. This mostly applies to collectors of valuables. Some possible items that might merit a home vault is something like large and valuable paintings or sculptures, antique furniture, or war memorabilia like antique cannons. The truth, however, is that your options are really limitless when you go for a home vault and you don’t have to deal with the same space constrictions as a home safe.

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