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    How Do Custom Safes Differ From the Rest?

    When you are shopping around for better ways to secure your belongings, you cannot get any better than a custom safe. After all, what kind of a thief would it take to crack open something he doesn’t even recognize or cannot find? Anybody outside of a cat burglar would be hard-pressed to accomplish such a feat. We might even be inclined to be impressed if somebody is able to break open a custom safe. But you might be wondering: In what ways can something as impenetrable as a safe be customized? Let’s answer this question in detail now.  

    Where They are Employed

    Custom safes have been applied at a number of different places both for personal and business reasons. Many stores nowadays order custom safes for one of three reasons: They have a tremendous amount of confidential information, which requires massive amounts of additional security, such as at banks or government buildings; normal safes do not provide the space or even the type of interior security somebody requires, or they want something tailored specifically to the space they already have available. Custom safes are ideal in the sense that they are flexible to the owner’s wishes.

    What Can Change

    There are a variety of ways you can customize a safe. Most safes you find at stores, online or otherwise, are typically made up of one giant compartment and a hardcore locking system which is either electronic or classic. But custom safes can divert from this formula in several ways.

    Larger Space

    First, the interior design can be radically altered. Some custom safes employ two or even three additional compartments, which also possess their own security clearance. These additional compartments can do a tremendous amount to give additional security to specific items while also increasing the overall capacity of the safe.

    Beefed Up Security

    A custom safe can employ a series of several codes to unlock the safe in either the classic dial format or the modern electronic one. Obviously, this beefs up security even more while also making the safe look truly impenetrable. The onset of electronic locks, in particular, lets the user employ several codes to be programmed into the keypad themselves. Other features include audit trail and time delay functionality. Audit trail locks let you see who entered the safe and at what time.

    What Are They Made Of?

    Then you have the material. Some safes nowadays are built of a hardened form of plastic. However, you can request a safe builder to develop a custom safe that is made out of thick steel, iron, or some other heavy metal. Steel safes, in particular, are especially popular due to them having a tougher composition and being quite heavy.

    Seek Out More Answers

    These are just a few ways you can produce a powerful safe customized to your specific needs, and here at, we have the option available to help you put together your perfect safe. Contact us at 800-207-2259 to find out more information.