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    Depository Safes

    For a long time depository safes have been a staple of cash and valuable storage for commercial businesses across the world. The basic idea is a one way passage that will deposit valuables (usually cash) into an attached security box below. These can serve as a great way to curb theft in the workplace as well as maintain an easy and efficient depository system. However, you may find it difficult to choose among the different varieties of depository safes available. Here we’ll look at some of the unique features you can find on a depository safe and discuss some effective ways to use one in the workplace.

    How to Use it The basic idea behind how to use a depository safe is simple. Ideally it should be used as a middleman between cash registers and a more secure burglary and fire safe or bank. In order to minimize losses during a robbery, a depository safe should be used to periodically move money out of the registers and into the depository safe. This variety of safe is best suited to high cash flow businesses like hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and retail shops. One thing to beware of, however, is that this kind of safe does make some concessions in terms of security and fire resistance for the sake of convenience. Important to note is that depository safes are usually unable to withstand fire due to the deposit slots and are also comparatively light and need to be bolted down for security. While these safes can offer a decent level of security they are by no means a replacement for a dedicated burglary and fire safe. That being said depository safes fit a niche and do a great job at the service they are intended for.

    Customizable Options

    Now to look at some of your options when it comes to buying a depository safe. There are three different depository mechanisms available which include: front loading, back loading, and rotary. Front loading uses a slot or hatch in the front of the safe to deposit cash, envelopes, or other small valuables. This idea is the same for a back loading depository safe. A rotary mechanism uses a rotating tumbler to deposit items from the top of the safe. Typically, rotary depository safes are considered more vulnerable to prying attacks. Additionally, front and back loading depository safes can be outfitted with chutes to connect through walls or different floors in a building. Most high quality depository safes will also come outfitted with anti-fishing mechanisms to protect your cash. Each safe can further be customized with the desired locking mechanism as well as the size of the compartment(s). All in all there are a lot of options available to finding the correct depository safe for your circumstances.