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Are Burglary Fire Safes Better Than Burglary Safes?

Are Burglary Fire Safes Better Than Burglary Safes?

This question is very hard to answer at first glance. The only way this question can be properly answered is by greatly examining both safes. The first question to be asked is what are the differences between burglar fire safes and burglar safes? After much research, I have found the answer to this mind-boggling question. A burglar fire safe is just a safe that is resistant to fire. In other words, it must resist a temperature of 350 degree farenheit. Theses safes can be in-floor which means they can be placed inside the flooring a house.

The other option is the burglar fire safe chest. Either way, both of these safes are great for protecting your valuable items and, like the name suggests, it already has one advantage over a burglary safe. It is fire-resistant. Burglar safes are quite different then fire safes since they do not need to be fire-resistant. Taking this into consideration, a burglary safe makes up for this difference with many aspects. One of these being its low cost. Also, these safes are great for storing valuable items as they are close to impossible to break like the fire safes, they can be chest safes or as a tinier version for storing jewelry. Now for the big question, are burglar fire safes better then burglar safes? Before this question can be answered, both safes must be compared. A fire-resistant safe seems to be much more durable than a burglary safe since they are fire-resistant, and the material used to build a fire safe is much stronger then that of a burglary safe. A advantage and disadvantage of a fire safe is that it is recommended that you keep you items wrapped as an extra precaution. A downside of this is that it makes the user waste extra time when placing various items in a fire safe. Another very important aspect is the cost of each of these safes.

During my research, I noticed that for a good fire burglary safe it can cost around 300$ more then a burglary safe. With this, kind of monetary difference, I am quite sure that many people would definitely purchase the burglary safe and not the fire-resistant burglary safe. An important fact is that sometimes, the price is not the most important thing. Imagine that it is night-time and your precious one of a kind items are stored in a burglary safe. Suddenly, the fire alarm sets off, terrified you rush to evacuate your family from your house. Once you are outside, you suddenly remember you forgot to take the items from your safe, but it is to late, the flames have reached the front door and there is no way to enter. The firefighters arrive and after 30 minutes, the fire is contained. Another 30 minutes later, the fire is extinguished and your house lies in ruins and you notice your safe is gone. In this scenario, much more was lost then it would have taken the character in the scenario to have purchased the burglary fire safe.

Taking all of his information, it is clear that burglar fire safes are much better then burglar safes. Remember, it is always better to spend more money then it is to loose your valuables in a extreme event. Buy a burglary fire safe and never worry again.