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    Is A Floor Safe Really Secure?

    It would be easy for someone who can afford a floor safe to put one in their home or business. People who may need this would be someone who has something of great value like money, jewelry, or documents of some sort. In going through the hassle of buying and installing a hidden safe like this it is good to know whether it is worth it or not to invest in one. Is a floor safe really secure?

    This is a question to consider asking when deciding if it is worth it. Some ways to understand if this type of safe is secure enough is to consider the time it takes a burglar to find it and get it open or is it durable against different things that can affect the contents within it.

    Other ways to understand if the questioned safe is secure enough is to see if the metal of the door and walls of the safe is thick and not thin. A safe that goes in the floor can slow down or even prevent a burglar from accessing the safe altogether. Also, it can resist harmful things such as fire and water.

    When a person tries to rob a residence or business they would have a hard time trying to find the safe because floor safes are hidden in the floor. They are not out in the open where it can clearly be seen. It would take more time for the perpetrator or suspect to find the safe which would cause them to go after something of lesser value.

    Some floor safes are able to protect against the high temperatures of fire because it is in the concrete foundation. This feature can allow this type of safe to withstand heat for between a half-hour to four hours. An example of a brand that produces fire resistant safes is Hayman. Watertight safes are available but it is safer to put the contents of the safe into a plastic bag for most protection. Sentry-safe is a brand of waterproof in floor safes.

    When checking out the safety of a floor strong-box or safe it is wise to consider the thickness of the metal. It its good to put it into concrete but it would also be better if the metal door was at least a half-inch thick and the walls were at least a quarter-inch thick. A safe that is heavy should contain the right type of metal or steel for its security purpose.

    One thing to avoid is a safe that has sheet metal wrapped around wood or sheet metal wrapped around drywall. Just making a sole decision on a safe that looks like metal isn't a smart move. An alternative to a floor safe would be a vault. In getting a safe it is good to look for the right security of it such as protection but some of these safes are hard to install.

    So really a concreted safe will be secure, depending on the need, and the work of installing it will be achieved by the right person for the job.